Day 3 at the MAC

Hello all! Today was so challenging. We had to continue working on our presentations as well as give some interviews. The first interview we had was with a couple of people on the BGC staff. They were very positive about everything (which was great) but there is also some logistical things we need to work out. Then it was back to work on our presentation. An hour and a half later we were called to do our psych. evaluation. It’s always difficult to be put under a microscope. After that our group had to present our project. This went very well by the way.

At about 4 pm we were all emotionally drained. They let us go early and we went to Boulder to hike up a mountain. After a beautiful hike and a prayer and singing “How Great Thou Art” we clamored down the mountain and had a delicious meal at a restaurant called the Tea Room.

What a journey this has been! Tomorrow we get an official evaluation from the BGC about wether they want to move forward with us as missionaries with their board. Please be in prayer tomorrow. We thank you for your continued prayer support.

2 thoughts on “Day 3 at the MAC

  1. Mom

    We are glad your presentation went well yesterday and that you had some time to relax and praise God in the evening. We are anxious to hear more about the conference and how the Lord is leading when you get home. Praying always, with love Mom & Dad.

  2. Ma

    Hi John and Mel,

    Sounds like when Basil and I went thru the process, only we didn’t have to do the psychological one, but as I’ve told you I’ve done a full day of that kind of test, went home closed my bedroom door and put my head under the covers for peace and fell asleep promptly. That was long ago, I’m not too sure if I would survive one these days.

    You are definitely in my prayers, and I’ve sent your request out last night to our prayer chain. I have to tell you Curt Hansen read that prayer request. So we’ll see how things go today, he knows we have many praying in your behalf. Just relax and let God do the work!

    Is today the last day? or is there more tomorrow? Call me when you get a chance and let me know the outcome! I’m feeling pretty positive that God is by your side right now.

    Mel, how have you been feeling, I’m thinking since you went climbing you must be feeling better! Love ya and prayers, Ma

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