Down for Two Days

Yesterday John caught a stomach virus, he could barely work so he laid on the couch for the better part of the day. I fed him chicken soup, but it was hard for him to “hold” anything. By the evening he returned to his normal self and we started talking about the type of video we would like to have for Belize. I had to write the script the next day.

This video is important because it might be the only thing a church sees to base their decision on. That night we prayed for the video and for wisdom as to how to write the script the next day. Well, I woke up with a start and new something was wrong. I took a shower and started to feel pain in my left side. It was that all-to-familiar kidney pain again. It increasingly got worse and John and I decided to head for a nearby “Urgent Care” place. Come to find out, I had a really bad UTI. Some anibiotics and painkillers later I was in bed, but, oh the pain. Anything that has to do with kidney’s and UTI is VERY painful. John took very good care of me.

I did not get any work done today. The script writing for our video will have to wait until tomorrow. It’s so easy to ask “why”, but it’s not worth it. It is what it is and we’ll brush ourselves off, get up and try again.

7 thoughts on “Down for Two Days

  1. Kay Abelman

    Glad to hear John is feeling better. I hope you don’t get it, Mel. Have a great time in Chicago working on your video.



  2. marty

    Hey Guy’s,
    Glad you are feeling better, are you available today after 1:00.

  3. Mom

    I’m glad you were each well enough to care for the other and not both sick at the same time. The Lord is good. All these trials give us understanding and compassion for others who experience them.
    I know the Lord will lead you in how to aproach the video. “Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” Love & prayer,

  4. Donna

    I am not surprised the devil is attacking you just as you begin to work on the video. he doesn’t want you two off serving the Lord and maGNIfying his name….but it just backfires on him because you praise him anyway.

    I loved the committment card and newsletter I got in the mail today. 🙂

    I know you two will keep on keeping on…and when you get to Belize I am coming on a mission trip! Love, DC2

  5. Leah

    oh no, Jason got the stomach flu this week too.
    oh man, those UTI, bladder, anything like that is AWFUL!
    Glad you are feeling better.
    Will pray for you and your video.

  6. Katy Short

    My doc said to drink LOTS of water if I want to avoid UTI’s. Used to get them periodically, not the last while, now that I know to keep rinsed out. Will pray that the Lord keep you all healthy.

  7. Katy Short

    Address is: 5201 SE 54th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73135

    One more thing, if you think a UTI is coming on, flood your body with vitamin “C” via the “C” tablets or cranberry pills. Do that for just a day along with the sixty-four oz. of water. That will waylay the problem if you are not already too far down the road. The doctors don’t like telling people those kinds of things, or at least mine doesn’t.

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