An Easter Blessing

This Easter was different for us than past Easters. This was our first holiday away from our families. We really did miss them all today. There is something about being with those you love on a celebrated day. I was concerned about what we would do on Easter but just a week and a half ago Jason and Leah Miller, a couple who we go to church with, invited us over to their house . What a relief that was! We were so thankful to be invited.

On Saturday we went to Cornerstone for the Saturday Easter service. They asked members of the church to come on Saturday so that there would be more room for visitors on Sunday. It was a great service but we still wanted to attend church on Easter Sunday so we went to a nearby church and attended their “Sonrise” service and cantata.

We arrived at the Miller’s parents house and right away we were signed up to hide Easter eggs. We had a great time hiding the eggs and then, helping the kids find them! John hid eggs in all the high places (of course). Then we had a HUGE spread of food. It was really great. A big shout out to the Miller’s and their family for welcoming us with open arms. They will never know exactly how grateful we are, and how they touched our hearts for inviting us over for a family holiday.

Just one more note: I serve a risen Savior he’s in the world today, I know that he is living, whatever men may say. HE IS RISEN!!!

5 thoughts on “An Easter Blessing

  1. I know that’s right! He is Risen! Isn’t it great that folks are putting the word of God into action?!?!?!? Be well young missionaries…be well! ;O)

  2. Debbie


  3. Mom

    He is risen indeed! And we are so thankful that you have a loving family in Christ with whom you could celebrate the resurrection. But we missed you! Love,

  4. Leah

    Glad you guys had fun! I never know with how crazy it is if people really are enjoying themselves or not. It was great to have you!

    We love you guys!

  5. Matt

    John and Melissa,
    Its good to get your updates so we can keep track of you. FYI, I pick your mother up at BWI at 10PM tonight. I’m sure she still has all of your emails in her inbox.


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