Day 4

Today we’re hearing from Caleb and Kyle. This is what they had to say about today’s happenings:

Hey guys this is Caleb and Kyle. Today all started with a breakfast. We had eggs, bacon, cantaloupe, and fry jacks. It was great. After breakfast we split up and the guys went to the village and played football (soccer). The girls stayed back at camp and some girls from the village came to spend the morning with them. We all had a good time! The guys had lunch in the village that a local village cook prepared for us! It was wonderful! The girls had their meal fixed back at the base! After lunch we all met in the town and continued the vbs for the village children. today we taught the abc’s of becoming a Christian. We then came back to the base and swam in the ocean for a little bit! To all the parents: We miss you guys and love you all!!!! Someone please call TERI GRIGGS and tell her to check out this blog and it would be nice to let her son know that she loves him!!! thank u and we love all ya’ll !!!!

UPDATE: Oh yeah…we forgot. The female chaperon, who will remain nameless, is causing the most trouble. For instance, last night, she burned a hole in the floor of her cabana. We’re watching her very closely just in case she feels compelled to commit arson again!

18 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Milissa Martin

    Hey guys. Glad you are all having a good time and hopefully having an impact on the villagers. I hope you all are behaving yourselves. Caleb I called your mom and she said that she will leave you a comment, so be looking for it. Sounds like Kasey had no mishaps today. Hope everyone is well (no homesickness). Can’t wait for tomorrows blog. Tell Mel and John thank you for letting you use their blog to communicate with us. It makes us feel alot better. Well, I guess I will talk to you tomorrow. Love to all!!!!!!!

  2. Teresa Hill

    I will call teri. Thanks for such detailed posts! You guys are doing a great job and we love you and are praying constantly for you. Tell amber I love her and miss her dearly.

  3. Teri Griggs

    Hey Boo Boo. I love and miss you too. I did not know we could communicate with you. I really hope you are all enjoying this trip and receiving a blessing from it. I know you all are touching a lot of lives this week. You will have so much to share with us when you get back. I hate we forgot to send a camera. I am glad to hear you are eating well. I know you are a survivor and will make it through this week. I have been reading the blogs each day. Take care and we will see you at the airport Wed. night.

  4. Kari Smith

    Hey everyone hope you are having fun and spreading the word of god and kyle i love you mom,dad,mrs.carol,nana and ma says hey and they love you.

  5. Sandra Newton

    Good evening everyone. Jacob I love you very much and I miss you. I have alot of crackers left!! LOL. I glad you are doing God’s work and I’m glad you are enjoying it. I can’t wait to hear from you. Take alot of pictures. I hope the bugs aren’t too bad. Judy and Brian thanks again for your service. To everyone keep up the good work and we will see you when you get home I love you all
    Love always
    Sandra Newton

  6. Bryan Griggs

    Hey Caleb. Just in case you didn’t know, DAD LOVES YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m glad to hear that things are going so well for you all. I know that you aren’t really bothered by the accomodations, cause I know you have been in some pretty rough situations before, so be sure to help the others all you can.
    Remember these people are your neighbors, so be sure to Love Your Neighbor and Tell Your Story. Stay focused!!!! C ya wed.night.

  7. Sandy, Davis and Monty Batchelor

    Thanks for sharing today’s adventures with us. We are continuing to pray for all of you on a daily basis. We are extremely proud of the work you are doing in sharing God’s love. Continue to stay safe and focused. We love all of you. We look forward to tomorrow’s posting.

  8. cammie

    hey guys it is so good to hear that u all are doing well. i’m glad to hear that kasey is getting fed well none of u want to mess with him when his hungry(which is all the time). i’m also glad that no farm animals took a liking to kasey today.
    kasey stay focused and know that i’m thinking of u always.
    i love u and i’m very very proud of u.(people r tired of hearing me brag on u) niki give kasey a big hug from me.
    i will definitely be n charlotte wed. night.
    i’m proud of all of u
    love u

  9. David & Wanda Hodge

    Hello all from Seattle, Washington. We are so happy to be able to keep up with what’s happening in Belize, even from the great northwest. We are happy to hear all is going well and we pray things will continue and that God will continue to use you and speak through you.

    Ashlyn, I know it’s hot down there but yesterday it was 48 degrees at the top of Mount Rainier and we saw LOTS of snow. We got pictures for you. By the way, God must have a sense of humor because he put the ocean on the wrong side over here!

    Just know that your Mom and I love you VERY much and we are so proud of you, as we are of ALL of you. I hope and pray that you see the rewards of letting God be your guide. I miss you greatly and I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday when you get back.

    LOTS of love,
    Mom and Dad

  10. Stacy Gainey

    Hey Guys, I love getting your daily updates and finding out what you all are up to. It sounds like yall are having a great time. I am so very proud of all of you!! I am sure you all are touching many peoples lives this week sharing your love for Christ!! We are praying for yall! Can’t wait to hear from you again!
    Zach we love and miss you!! Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures when you come home!!

  11. Shai Hicks

    Hey I am so glad that yall are having fun and telling others about God. Ya’ll are all very brave and strong people. Cant wait to see pictures and here the stories! I love you Zach and Miss you!

  12. Connie Wallace

    Hello Lakeview Gang!! I am enjoying reading the updates you all are sending. I know that you all are receiving a blessing and touching many lives for Christ. You are sowing seeds in the lives of many. My Prayers are with each of you. Look forward to hearing all about your trip.
    Hey Mary Elizabeth, Zach and Caleb!! And, hello to all of you dear ones!
    Gob Bless each of you…We love you!!

  13. Kenneth Hughes

    Hey guys from the other side of the world, It is good to hear everything is going well there. Judy, I asked you to go to help protect the students not burn down the cabana! it sounds like you guys are having a great time. We miss you guys and we are praying for you. We have had a great day we were able to go to a couple of different places and share stories with children. It was great and heartbreaking at the same time. The conditions they live in were the worst I have ever seem but they all had so much joy. We had a great time. The team is doing well. At times it is like a comedy act! We enjoyed another great meal at Adam and Rebecca’s home. They are so good to us. I will certainly be able to share more when I get home there are things I simply cannot say here.
    Everyone take care of yourselves. God bless you. Goodnight from here and good morning to you.

  14. Elaine and Lisa

    Hi everyone!
    We miss you all! Take lots of pictures (mom needs them for the Acteens service!). Take care of Judy and bring her back safely. We can’t wait to hear all of the stories! We love you!

  15. Letty Smith

    Looks like you guys are doing a lot of good things and also having fun..Take care of yourself Kyle, and remember we all love you and are praying daily for you… Sounds like Judy is having the time of her life.. God bless each and every one of you and I love each of you…. Letty

  16. Michael & Amanda Smith

    I am glad ya’ll are doing good (except for having to call the fire department haha) I need to know one thing…..what the heck is a “fry jack”????

    Love ya’ll very much!!!
    Michael & Amanda

    John Reply:

    uhh,,, click the link

  17. Hey Lakeview Gang, good to hear from you. Each of you are in our prayers. To God be the glory!!

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