Day 3

Mary Elizabeth and Niki have today’s update. This is what they’ve written:

Hey everyone…. its Mary E. and Niki!!! Today is Day 3 of our trip and it was definitely a day to remember! Today we woke up to the sound of rain! It was nice to have a little bit of cooler temperature but not so nice to use as our shower water! At 7:30 we ate breakfast, french toast and pineapple slices! We then did our morning chores and did our group devotions. We then proceeded into the village and prayer walked to the government school! Outside we did a small sports camp for the teenagers who are out of school already. We played an intense game of kickball and had a group devotion talking about our separation from God as sinners. Then, we saw our good buddy Brandon who makes the BEST jewelry (next to Nigel!) We ate lunch at the only restaurant in town, Gentle’s Cool Spot, and enjoyed some nice and fresh soft drinks (can you believe they use REAL sugar and not corn syrup! YUMM!) After lunch we went back to the school and did our VBS for the second day! Please pray as we continue showing the love of Jesus and explaining what it is to be a Christian! Thank you for all your prayers already also! As we were returning to the mission base, Kasey was unexpectedly attacked by a horse! luckily the village dog was there to save the day! (no lie!) (but dont worry Mrs Cammie, he didn’t get hurt) … Brian was really happy because he didn’t think there was liability for a horse attack! We would like to give a shout out to our parents! We truly miss you guys and LOVE YA’LL!

(Mrs Teresa, please call Mrs Cammie Bradshaw at 307-5218, and share this website with her! Thank you)

PS. Ken, where are you guys in Indonesia????, we are sure you are going to give us a detailed update! HAHAHA

17 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Teresa Hill

    Thanks for the update guys! Tell Amber I love her and am praying for you all! As u can see, I called cammie for u Casey. Love you all!

  2. Milissa Martin

    Hey gang. Glad that you are having a great time. I am enjoying the updates very much. Why am I not surprised that Kasey was the one to get attacked. Danger follows him everywhere. HAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love to everyone!!! Mish you guys very much!!!!

  3. Monty, Davis and Sandy Batchelor

    Glad to hear you guys are having fun shaaring the Gospel. Good to know Kasey did not get hurt. We will continue to keep you in our prayers. Stay safe and focused.

    We love you all.

  4. Sandra Newton

    Hey all of you wonderful young adults,
    Guess what it is raining here too!!! I’m glad you all are doing good and enjoying your time of sharing Jesus. I’m glad to know that Casey didn’t get hurt but how did he get attacked by a horse a horse not a dog or a wild pig or a cat but a horse. LOL Keep up the great work and remember with God all things are possible.
    I Love you all
    Be safe and have fun
    Love always

  5. Greg and Carol Smith

    We are excited for all of ya’ll and can’t wait to hear about all of your experiences. Kyle, tell Kasey about the 3 legged dog attack here in Hartsville (Ha!Ha!). Miss Carol misses her daily Kyle time and Dad can’t wait to see you again. We are both happy that you are stretching your boundaries and going where God leads you. Love to you all…especially Kyle.

  6. cammie dixon

    hey guys thanks for the info…
    i finally figuired it out so if u get 2 messages i sent another one thru the “contact us” tab.
    kasey i love u and ur sisters and i miss u(even sissy said she missed u). be more careful around the farm animals u know how some animals react to u. LOL
    kasey papa said u could make 1 phone call but save it for when r if u really need to talk me.
    i’m inspired by each of u to be a better person & a better christian
    stay safe and focused all of u
    love ya
    cammie (momma)

  7. cammie dixon

    Hi kasey it’s me jordan
    i really really miss u a lot. me, sissy, momma, bec bec & jessica read ur post and todays post. my rodeo is 2moro. i love u. from jordan

    goodness i never thought i’d say this KASEY I MISS U!!!!!!! i luv u & i want u home! win u come back expect a really, really, really big hug from me!! love u and miss u ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish u were home
    luv ya-

  8. Teresa, John and Ashley

    ok…this is my 3rd try tonight to sumit a post. Apparently you can not post a comment from a mobile device! As you can see I called Mrs. Cammie immediately! Ashley said to tell Sissy hey and she loves her. We are praying for you all and are so VERY proud of you! Amber, tell Kasey about the Swan’s! lol We love you!

    John Reply:

    Actually, you can post from any device, What’s happening is that I’ve got spam protection software running, and it can’t decide what to do with those posts, so it puts them in a moderation queue for me to decide whether they’re spam or not. So keep commenting, I promise they’ll make it on here.

  9. Stacy Gainey

    Hey, We have really enjoyed getting these updates and knowing what’s going on with yall. It sounds like yall are having a great time! Remember to stay focused, can’t wait to hear from from you all again. We love you and miss you!!

  10. Caroline

    Hey, Mary E! So good to hear from you. We are lifting up ALL of you in prayer. It sounds like you are having a good time as you are sharing the love of Jesus. Think of the rain as God showering you with His blessings!

    Love in Christ,
    Caroline, Jeff, and Matthew Privette

  11. David & Wanda Hodge

    Hey guys! It sounds so exciting the way God is using you for the people and the people for you. Ashlyn, we love you and miss you. We are so proud of everyone on the trip and continue to pray for you as well as the everyone you are witnessing to. Take care!

  12. Kenneth Hughes

    Hey guys. Thank you Mary and Niki for the post. I just can’t tell you guys enough how proud I am of you of all of you. The soft drinks sound great. Kasey, it’s your animal magnetism that drew that horse to you. I am so glad to hear you are getting to spend time with the people of Belize. You are making an impact that will last long after you guys are gone. Brian thank you for leading these guys. We will have to make up a “horse disclaimer form” for the next trip. Judy thank you for your leadership. I am waiting for the pictures of your hair.
    Let me fill you guys in on what is going on here. We made it here to Jakarta about 8:15pm our time Thursday (9:15am your time Wednesday). We missed Wednesday completely. it is kinda freaky missing a day but I think everyone on the team is beginning to understand time zones a little better. It has certainly been interesting. We got tied up in customs because of one of our pieces of luggage but after some talking and a little money I was able to get our package. Adam, Rebecca, and Keenan are doing great. They have been so kind and Rebecca cooked us a great meal. They have such servant hearts. We are about to go out and see the city. We begin our actual work tomorrow. God has really blessed us. Not one of us seems to be suffering from jet lag. Jakarta is an amazing city. It definitely needs much prayer. Poverty is high here and there are people everywhere and traffic lines mean nothing on the streets. You basically drive where you want. We are about to leave so I have to end now. I am praying for you guys. Keep your focus on God and keep the unity in the group. I love you guys. Have a great day.

  13. Brian & Patricia ATKINSON

    hey Amber sounds like ya’ll are having a good time. we sure do miss you. can’t wait for you to get home.I’am very proud of you for taking this trip. we love you

  14. Letty Smith

    Hi everyone, God bless each one of you for taking this time to go out and share with the people in Belize. Tell Kyle we are really praying for him and that this is a life changing experience for him.. And Judy, thank you for being there with all the students.. And I would just love to see your hair? Do take some pictures to bring home… For each of you, I am praying daiily for your health and safeth.

  15. Ma

    I must admit, I’m impressed with these students and their servant’s heart! I wish I had been as grounded in the Lord as you are at your age. Stay focused on the goal, the Cross and keep your eyes fixed on the Lord and He’ll make your path straight!

    You guys are welcomed back here anytime. Of course we still have 4 more days to go, let’s see what God has in store for you! Keep on lovin the kids and the villagers, you are doing a remarkable job!

    “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight!” Prov 3:5-6

  16. Michael & Amanda Smith

    Hey everybody!!!!! I am sure ya’ll are having a blast sharing Gods word so I won’t take up your time. Just wanted to tell you all that we miss you guys and gals and love each and every one of you!!! Knowing that God is in control, there is no doubt in my mind that there will be a lasting impression left behind!!!! Just remember to stay focused (unless a horse attacks….then run!!! hahaha) We love you and can’t wait until ya’ll return!!!!!

    Michaael & Amanda

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