August and September Update

We are adding something new with our blog. In addition to our quarterly newsletter, we will also be giving an official “monthly update”. This is especially for our supporters so you all know what is happening in our ministries on a month-to-month basis. Here is our first, and I decided to add August in as well.

We are having a swinging time!

The beginning of August brought us an all mens team that did awesome ministering to the men in the village. They did bible study and had a very successful fishing tournament. The only thing Evangeline and Ellis were excited about though was the swing set that the men built for them. This is such a blessing because the girls really needed an outdoor play place and something else to do. The girls love it! Evangeline runs for the set and Ellis squeals for delight. Here is a picture of it:

A busy summer means a much needed break

After hosting six teams in nine weeks we needed a vacation. One of our supporting churches was generous enough to help provide us with a rest in Cancun, Mexico. For seven days we swam, and ate, went to the aquarium, and ate, played in the “kiddie zone”, and ate. most of all, we spent quality time with our little family and enjoyed every minute of it. In fact, I don’t remember such a restful vacation. Here we are having fun:

Sometimes things break down:

The beginning of September Basil left for the states for his much needed break and to spend time with Vera since they have not seen each other in months. When Basil left, within a matter of a couple of weeks, all of our vehicles broke down. ALL of them. We were stranded in Belize city running around trying to get at least one of them working. We finally have 1.5 working vehicles. Please pray that our vehicles will continue running and we can get the others repaired shortly.

Ministry schedule:

This is what weekly ministry looks like for us here in Belize-

Sunday: Sunday school and church in the village

Tuesday: Ladies bible study

Wednesday: Village visitation

Thursday: Youth night (boys and girls are separated for a more personal study)

Saturday: Mens outreach

Please keep all of these ministries in your prayers. We need constant prayer as we battle the enemy that is in this village. He is alive and active, but so is the Lord and we want God to have the victory!



5 thoughts on “August and September Update

  1. Paul & Phyllis Hull

    Thanks for the update. So glad that you had a relaxing vacation after such a busy summer. We will be praying about your sick vehicles.
    I always say that they are a necessary evil. They cost money to buy and money to keep them going.
    Did Darron get registered for school? When we got our receipt back from the mission it said general fund. Hope that got straighten out.

  2. Donna Chapman

    Am so glad you got a really nice vacation….God is Good!

    Don’t forget to send my the address to send money.


    So good to hear from you and to see the pictures too. In spite of your busy Summer ,you/re looking great. What a cute swing set the men built. A young mother was at our garage sale today looking for a baby swing for one for a mother who couldn’t afford one. I tried hard but failed.Leaving she said ,You are the sweetest woman,thanks for your help. You are too and all that pray and give money and buy things you need. Hope the AUTO problems are solved.
    Love toall of you G/pa & G/ma Nelson

    we thank you and the givers in any way in getting God/s word tothese people.

  4. April Menking

    Thanks for the update! Love the swing set! So glad you were able to have some family time away. The schedule will be helpful to us as we pray for you. It is nice to be able to pray specifically.

  5. Darlene Millican

    Thanks for the updates. We have been to Cancun & loved it. Glad you could go for a rest, refreshing, & play time. Your daily schedules look like ours.
    I’d still love to take a mission trip there someday.


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