An opportunity to change a life? Please Read.

There are a couple of financial needs that we would like to make you aware of. If God has blessed you financially or you are searching for a cause to give to that will advance the Kingdom of God, we ask that you consider the following:

  1. Two boys in our discipleship program are going back to school. This is a wonderful opportunity for them because the alternative to school is to sit in the village and be “idle”. Unemployment in our village is well over 90%, and without further education they have virtually no chance at getting a job. They have both committed to turn their lives over to Christ, but is a continual battle for the young men in the village because there is temptation at every turn. One way that they can remove themselves from negative influences is by going to school. Meet the boys:

    Darren Parks


    This is Darren Parks. He has been living with us at the mission base for about two years. He is as sweet as can be and he sure can clean a kitchen! He loves to laugh and desires to grow in the Lord yet struggles at times. He is so excited to be going back to school. If you could only see how proud he was of his uniform! He wants to work in Air Conditioning Repair.



    Akeem Tillett


    This is Akeem Tillett. Akeem has been living at the base for about 10 months now. He has been a joy to have around. He loves Evangeline and Ellis and they love him. Akeem has a great zest for life. He desires to follow after the Lord, but still has some barriers to break through. We know that with God’s help and discipleship he will grow into a man of God. Another sponsor is paying for his schooling but he needs help to cover his uniform and books.



    If you are interested in supporting them the cost for Darren’s tuition for the whole year is: $250 USD. What a deal! In addition, we spent about $125 for each guy for uniforms, books, shoes, supplies, etc.. and we need help with that as well. You can make a major difference in one of these boys lives. Please click the “Contact Us” tab and send us a message if you are interested in sponsoring one of them. This would also make a great opportunity for a Sunday school class or small group to get involved with missions giving.

  2. As we mentioned in a previous blog post, our support-o-meter has gone down. It’s actually not due to decreased giving. With the addition of Ellis, inflation adjustments, and some other unforeseen costs, our budget has increased. Please do not be discouraged. This is normal and it happens. We need to get back to 100%. We are almost there! We have a church considering us for support and now all we need are a few individuals and we’ll be back to 100%. Has this blog been a blessing to you or someone you know? Has the ministry in Gales Point touched your heart and is God asking you to give? By giving you will be a part of changing lives globally for Christ. We are asking for individuals to consider becoming a ministry partner with us at the amount of $50 to $100 per month (although any amount is welcomed). We are also asking that if you are involved with the missions ministry at your church, that you would ask your church to consider partnering with us. If you are an individual and would like to support us, it’s fast and easy — just go to this link: Make sure you select “monthly” under “Donation Type” for an ongoing partnership.

    If you are a church and would like to support us or already a ministry partner and would like to increase support, simply click on the “Contact Us” tab and send us a message.

Thank you very much for reading this post. As always the best way to support us is through prayers. We know we have some prayer warriors that reading this blog, so please intercede for us when we come to your mind. We love you all!


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  1. Donna Chapman

    I am going to send a letter home with my Sunday School class (4th grade) and see if they (and parents) will help with this request. Pray it is well received and help is forthcoming.

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