I’m getting BLASTED tomorrow

We made it to Maryland safe and sound. The past week we have been enjoying family and getting spoiled by my mom. We have also been enjoying fast food, steak, and Dunkin’ Donuts. We have NOT been enjoying the cold weather.

I went to the Urologist and he said that he was surprised that I am not in the hospital. With the stone lodged where it is and the infection and fever it caused I should have been in WORSE shape. Thank you Lord for your protection. He set me up for Lithotripsy procedure right away. I go in tomorrow and the the procedure is at 12:30. They find the stone and blast it with sound waves. It is non-invasive, so I should be home by around 3 pm.

Please pray that all goes well, and that I recover quickly so I can get home and recover there. I will have John update you after we get home. Thank you for your prayers!

7 thoughts on “I’m getting BLASTED tomorrow

  1. Leah Miller

    Hip Hip Hooray, help is on the way!

  2. catherine beshures

    Hi my friend, hope all goes well, enjoy your time back home, does it always feel different when you come back this way?

  3. Orlando office is praying for you

  4. Donna Chapman

    Glad to hear from you and glad you are getting TLC and medical help. Am praying for a successful procedure and complete healing!

  5. Marcia Flinchum

    Mel, we’re so glad you’re finally getting the help you have needed! Will pray that all goes well and that the stone is soon “history”! So glad he didn’t think surgery would be necessary!

  6. Maureen Read

    Prayers going your way. Hope all is going well. Maureen

  7. Jodi

    So glad to hear you are getting some TLC by mom … 🙂 Well deserved 🙂 We’ll be praying for you tomorrow, and anxious to hear that all is well! love you – jodi

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