At the Cancun airport

We’re here at the airport after an all-night bus ride. The girls did fine. We’ll board our flight around 2:30 if there’s no weather delay for Baltimore.

Everything’s going very smoothly so far. Thanks for praying.

5 thoughts on “At the Cancun airport

  1. Donna Chapman

    Keep us posted we have been wondering how Mel was doing and where you guys were. How is the infection, kidney stones etc???

  2. Mom

    Sooo thankful that the bus ride went smoothly and that you are at the airport. We continue to pray…….

  3. Marcia Flinchum

    Hi John and Mel, this is great news! Will be praying as you continue your journey.

  4. Pam Jensen

    Great – I have some things for the girls – some warm clothes. You will need it – it’s cold here!! Talk to you soon.

  5. Have a safe trip.

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