One blast down, one to go

Hi it’s Mel, I have just woken up up from a long nap and much needed rest.

Lithotripsy is no joke. The aftermath is painful and rough. I am so thankful to be here as I could not imagine going through this in Belize. Although, the reason why I am in so much pain is because I am refusing pain meds so I can nurse Ellis. Next time I will call the pediatrician and see if I can take SOMETHING. The doctor had no clue what to give me. And while I love a percocet induced sleep as well as the next person, that medicine would knock me out.

Thank you for your prayers. Continue to be in prayer about the next round of blasting and also that they can figure out what is causing the stones so I can adjust my diet accordingly. Love you all, I will now rest some more.

7 thoughts on “One blast down, one to go

  1. Tammy Starr

    Being a Mother/Infant nurse, I know that Percocet , Vicodin, and Darvon are ALL extremely safe for Nursing mothers. We give them to our nursing mothers all the time. Ellis will not be affected by them in the least. So, you don’t have to go without. 🙂 Love you. Tam

  2. Tammy Starr

    But listen to your pediatrician…of course.

  3. Being a surgery nurse, hopefully the doctor is having you strain your urine so he can get a sample of the stone and have it’s composition analyzed. Once he knows that info, he might be able to give you diet recommendations. What did the pediatrician say about nursing after anesthesia? I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Valerie Wilson

    Poor Melissa! Good that you have a nurse for a sister, sounds like you can take the pain meds next time around. Or could you pump enough milk and store it, or would Ellis not take a bottle? You’re a trooper, Melissa. Love, Val

  5. Paul & Phyllis Hull

    Glad to hear that you have at least one blast done (under your belt) so to speak, ha, ha, very punny!!! I’m sure it’s no laughing matter. Hope you can have something to help with pain. Our prayers are with you.

  6. Evan

    So happy to know it’s half way done and that you’re home without anything or anyone you need to attend to other than Ellis. The idea of pumping ahead can even take care of that!!

    Love you and praying for you!

  7. Dennis & Barb

    Wow…. Dennis has had bouts with kidney stones, about every ten years. Awful pain. Glad they nuked one of them; hopeful that they eliminate the others. Thinking of sharing your situation on the e-link for January. Let me know if that’s okay. We’ll be praying for you!!!!! Dennis & Barb

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