You can lead a person to water…

but you can’t make him drink. Fortunately, the Holy Spirit can. On Saturday night I had the privilege of leading three young men into a relationship with the Living Water.

We were hosting a young men’s leadership conference in conjunction with a team from Friendship Baptist Church in Minnesota. We had a group of guys from Belize City come in and join several of the young men from our village. We had a fantastic weekend. On Saturday night, we had a time of confession and forgiveness. The Spirit moved the speaker to ask if anyone was unsure of their salvation and wanted to take care of it that night. Three young men (two from our village) raised their hands. I was able to counsel these three young men and all three prayed and confessed a desire to repent of their sins and to follow after Christ.

This is the part where I do a happy dance (imagine the most awful white-man dancing you’ve ever seen.) Hallelujah! Three more rescued from the clutches of the enemy! I’ll be able to personally help disciple two of them that are from our village.

Please lift up Trevor, Leroy and Javier in prayer as their commitment will soon be tested by the enemy. Please pray for the other men who committed to stand strong in purity and for their convictions. Oh how we need men to rise up and lead in the Belizean church!

9 thoughts on “You can lead a person to water…

  1. Praise GOD! I’m so thrilled.

  2. Evan

    I’ll join you in the happy dance!!!! We will be praying!! Thanks for sharing such awesome news 🙂

  3. Marcia Flinchum

    Great news, John! Thanks for “hanging in there” through all the difficulties…the Lord knew that you needed this encouragement.

  4. Cameryn Bjorgen

    Wow! That’s super awesome! I’ve been praying for you guys and the village and God is obviously working through you guys and answering prayer 🙂 I can’t wait to come visit you guys again and help out 🙂

  5. Valerie Wilson

    Isn’t it the most amazing feeling when God chooses to do His work through us? What a joy it us!

  6. Valerie Wilson

    What a joy it IS!! 😉

  7. Paul & Phyllis Hull

    How exciting!!! What a joy to experience the Holy Spirit working in the lives of folks we are burdened for. Our prayers are with you and them as they face the enemy in their daily lives.

  8. April

    Praise the Lord! wonderful news!

  9. Mom

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHN!!! I don’t think you could ask for a better gift than to be used of God to bring men to Christ and have their sins forgiven. We are praising God with you and praying that this is the beginning of a spiritual breakthrough in the village. Love you,

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