Women’s Retreat

Please pray for Mel and 10 other women from our village who are at a women’s retreat this weekend. This is one of the largest groups we’ve ever taken from our village. Pray that they will be spiritually rejuvenated and will return with a greater focus to live out the love of Christ among their neighbors.

That means I (John) am watching Evangeline solo all weekend. So far this will be the longest that she’s ever been without Mommy. She kept calling her name before bed and I was thinking “this might be a long weekend.”

In other news, Shannon (our weekend caretaker) and Kenny (our pastor) caught two young foxes on their way out here from the village tonight. They’re trying to keep them as pets. I question the wisdom of this, but I’m curious to see how it goes. They seem pretty docile so far, but they’re probably scared to death.

4 thoughts on “Women’s Retreat

  1. Have fun John!!! It’ll be great! Praying for the ladies on retreat…sounds like a good time in the Lord!

    I want to know what’s up with the foxes? LOL!!!! Take some pics :O)

  2. daniel c

    when Jennifer left for a weekend one time, we told Addison she was ‘at the beach.’ so each time Addison would ask for Mommy, i’d ask him in a playful tone: ‘i don’t know; where is mommy?’ he’d answer, ‘at the beach!’ and i’d say ‘you’re right… Give me 5’ and he’d be ok.

  3. Mom

    Good advice, Dan! John, I hope you and Evangeline have some wonderful Daddy-daughter times this weekend, and that Mel and all the ladies will be refreshed physically & spiritually.

    My cousins raised some raccoon pups after their mother was killed. They were cute, cuddly and playful when they were young, but became vicious as adults. I’m with you, trying to domesticate foxes may not be a good idea.

    Give our baby hugs and kisses from Grandma! XOXOXOX

  4. Jodi

    Hey John- We’ll be praying for Mel and the Ladies and for your weekend of Daddy Daughter bonding time 🙂 I really like Dan’s advise too, great idea!! Ummm, on the fox idea…thats crazy, but that’s just me. As long as your packin when Evangline is around 🙂 Was that the wrong thing to say?

    We think of you guys all the time… give that wife of your’s a huge hug from me and tell he I bought some “bright” clothes 🙂 thinking of her – she’ll laugh 🙂

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