We’re Back!!!!!!!!!!!

So we are home now. It’s a little wierd being back. We just came from hardly any water, electricity, and NO air conditioning and now I’m sitting in my cool home listening to the hum of my clothes dryer running. Strange. The posts do not end here, in fact our adventure has just begun! Look for an e-mail from me next week and I will write you all and tell you about the trip and how our lives are about to change. We’re really excited. We love you all!

2 thoughts on “We’re Back!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Dale

    Welcome back! We look forward to hearing all about it.

  2. Hey you!

    just wanted to say that it was a joy hearing about your trip (and the many joys of serving God in a foreign country!) the youth group at EBC went to orlando, florida for our missions trip this past week. we got home at 930pm, and we were all tired (and VERY delusional – okay, that was me). anywho, we had sooooo much fun seeing God’s hand in it all and seeing how He can use us where we are for His work. it was very powerful. i’ll have to tell you about it.

    i’m so glad that you had a wonderful time, and i know that God is going to use the bothe of you in a mighty way for His kingdom.

    stand strong; win the battles!

    Michael M.

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