We made it.

After a 19 hour marathon drive yesterday, and a three hour drive this morning, we made it to the border by about 8:30. It took us ’til after noon to clear customs and was about three o’clock before I was re-united with Mel and Evangeline. It broke my heart a little bit when Evangeline woke up from her nap and wouldn’t come near me for about 10 minutes. But eventually, she warmed up and and we had some good Daddy time.

We ended up getting the money issue worked out thanks to a timely loan form Mel’s mom. Don’t worry Mom, the check’s in the mail.

So I’ll write up a bit of a travel log with pictures for those who want the gritty details. I just beg a little grace on the time, since we’ve got about a metric ton to accomplish over the next couple days.

Thanks for all your prayers. God was definitely watching over us time after time.

8 thoughts on “We made it.

  1. April Menking

    Glad to hear you made it safely!!

  2. Leah

    Woohoo! Let the adventures begin.

  3. Evan

    Looking forward to the gritty details. You made it look so easy!

  4. Jodi Strava

    Praise God for his provisions and your reunion!

  5. Donna Chapman

    Yee Haw! God delivers in more ways than one 🙂

  6. Mom

    It’s wonderful to see that little blue jeep in Belize! You are beginning a new page in your service for the Lord. We praise God for what he is doing in and through all of you.

  7. Caroline P.

    Glad to hear you are now reunited with your girls! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures in traveling and all the adventures that await now that y’all are finally in Belize.

  8. Brian Stankich

    so glad you guys made it!! He is with you.

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