We made it to Orlando

God is good! We actually had a fairly smooth travel day. The only problems we had were that to travel internationally with an infant on your lap, you have to have a paper ticket. The people at the check-in desk in Belize were very nice about it though, and spent almost an hour getting us all squared away. There was no problem getting on the first flight. The kids were great and slept for most of the first flight.

We got into Atlanta and Evangeline was amazed and overjoyed at all the new sights, like escalators, moving walkways and the train between terminals. We checked into the desk at our gate, only to find out that we were #23, 24 and 25 on the standby list, and the monitor was showing 2 available seats. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and sat and waited anxiously as they boarded all of the various sections of the aircraft. Then they slowly started working their way through the standby list. They were slowing their way down to the last couple seats, and we were still about 10 people from the end of the list. I overheard the desk person say, “that’s it” and figured we were stuck until the next flight, perhaps overnight. Then, as if as a second thought she said “Are there any more non-rev passengers?”. I asked the guy next to me what that meant and he said, “Non revenue producing passengers, like Delta employees.” I called out “I think that’s us” and the lady said, “How many?” I said, “three.” She said, “come on then.” We got the absolute last three seats on the plane. Someone was nice enough to move so that Mel could sit with the two girls, and I sat on the other end of the plane. We finally made it in to Orlando around 9:30 or so.

Steve Valentine, one of our co-workers from the home office here in Orlando was kind enough to be “on call” all evening and picked us up from the airport and took us to Mel’s grandfather’s house. So today we’re making preparations for the funeral tomorrow and cleaning up the yard (her grandfather was in the process of cutting down a tree when he fell)

Thanks for all your prayers for our travel, we’re happy to be here with the family.

6 thoughts on “We made it to Orlando

  1. Valerie Wilson

    Thanks for the update, John. We’re thinking about you and praying for you!
    Love, Val

  2. Jennifer Bjorgen

    Why do I never cease to be amazed? “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37 Praising God for His lovingkindness toward you.

  3. Katy Short

    Isn’t it neat that our God works outside our expectations always doing more and better than we can ask or even think.

  4. Donna Chapman

    So glad all went so well!


    We are so pleased GOD made a good and safe trip for each of you. We remember G.pa and G.ma the day before your wedding and the good dish she made for us.Trusting G.pa is is with our LORD. We took Aunt Patty to the airport yesterday or we would have her drive us to Orlando to see you whichwe would sure like. Mel give our granddaughters and your Mom ahug for us. May you all have a pleasant stay and trip is our prayer. We love you andMerry Christmas G.pa and G.ma. Nelson

  6. Darlene Millican

    Sorry you had such a rough time getting your flight.We are so sorry to hear about your grandfather. That’s really a shock!
    Hey, we would really love to have you come to Sun City Center while you’re here. Please try to work it out because our people have not met you. Even if you can come on a Wed. We’re only about 1 1/2 hrs. from Orlando. This would be a good opportunity.


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