Velkommen til Poulsbo

Yesterday morning we set out for Ballard Baptist Church in Seattle. We had a great time with Pastor Don Duncan and his wife Kristi and their daughter. We enjoyed a great seafood lunch with them at a restaurant on the docks in Seattle. We were able to present our ministry. The church is currently going through some struggles and won’t be able to support us financially right now, but we gained some more prayer partners and they said they’d be willing to take a love offering toward our startup costs later.

From there, we took headed for the Seattle-Bainbridge Ferry on our way to North Kitsap Baptist Church in Poulsbo. We arrived at a couple named the Read’s house. They had gathered almost their entire mission board to meet us! We had a fantastic (dairy free, yay!) dinner at their house and spent at least a couple hours with their board just answering questions and getting to know each other. They seemed very interested and may consider us for support when their next budget year rolls around.

We were staying at the Read’s house that night, but someone…uhh…forgot the suitcase but managed to remember all of the electronics 😉 . We decided to make a Wal-Mart run for a couple necessities and on the way, passed through the old Poulsbo Village. Uff Da! How come no one told me about this place? Poulsbo happens to be an old Norwegian town and they’ve tried to preserve some of the Scandinavian feel to it. Since it was already nighttime, we decided to go back this morning for breakfast and to look around. Here’s some pictures:

We even managed to convert Mel into a proper Viking woman 🙂

After breakfast, we headed south to University Place (near Tacoma) to Central Baptist Church. We met with Pastor Corbitt Magby for a while this afternoon. We also had lunch with the youth pastor, Scott Pennington. Pastor Corbitt was especially interested in getting his church involved in some short-term missions projects (they’ve not done anything of the sort for years). We think that will be a very good relationship for us in the future. We’ll know something more a little later this year when they make their budget for next year.

So now we’re waiting at a Barnes and Noble for our evening appointment. We’ll post more as it happens. Thanks for all of your ongoing prayer…we definitely feel the effects.

4 thoughts on “Velkommen til Poulsbo

  1. Tim


    You look good as a blonde 🙂

    We’ll keep praying!

  2. Mom

    I knew there were a lot of “Norskys” in Washington, but no one told us that Poulsbo was Norwegian either! I’d like to vist there myself. At last you’ve found a place where Bjorgen isn’t a strange name. 🙂 I’m glad you are meeting so many dear Christians and enjoying your trip. Someday you may be hosting some of them in Belize!

  3. Hey you two, sounds like you are making some great connections and enjoying the trip as well! You sound like you are having a great time. Mel I knew there was something about you, now I realize you were meant to be a Viking blonde!! LOL

    You’re in our prayers and thoughts. Hugs to all, Ma and Pa

  4. Dave

    Wow, just one more reason to visit Washington, I guess. And don’t worry about the luggage; the electronics are the most important part, anyway. 😉

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