There and Back Again (to Belize that is)

John has to go to Belize again. Yup, that’s what I said. It’s with my blessing of course. You see, our field representative (our boss, basically). Would like to check out Belize (a vision trip of sorts, this will be his first time in Belize because Belize was recently assigned to him). This was the only time he could do it. Basil is still recovering in CA, so Mike (our field rep.) asked if John could go. I really felt a peace about this, and did not feel like he should stay with me during this time. He leaves the 11th and gets back the 16th, exactly three weeks before our due date. I know we are pushing it, but I really feel like John should go on this trip.

Please pray for him through out this trip but especially the beginning. You see, on the 11th he will fly out to follow up with two churches in WA. He gets in at 11:30 am and leaves for Belize that evening at 11:30 pm. He then flies to Dallas, TX where he had a long layover, meets up with Mike and they fly to Belize. This is an exhausting schedule. Please pray that John will be able to get some sleep during this time.

I will be staying with Leah and Jason, good friends of ours here in AZ. Their house is only 2 miles away from my doctor and the hospital. Plus, John and I plan to have Leah in the delivery room while I’m giving birth. So, if I do go in to labor (and I’m praying I won’t) the drive to the hospital will be very quick and I’ll have my second person to help me through.

I had another doctors appointment today. Can you believe my due date is only four weeks away? WOW! I can’t. Mommy and baby are both healthy. The baby is all the way down but I have not dilated. So hopefully it will stay that way until the 16th. Pray, pray, pray.

2 thoughts on “There and Back Again (to Belize that is)

  1. Leah

    Yes, please pray! we need John there 🙂 see you soon Roomy!

  2. Mandy

    What time does he arrive into Belize?

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