The Trials of Today are the Training for Tomorrow

As John and I continue on our journey to be missionaries to Belize, I am realizing that God is training us for what we will face. On a weekly basis we find ourselves faced with a difficult decision or situation. There have been numerous disappointments since we have been back but we were told by Vera and Basil that this would happen. We do not get discouraged, in fact, it is encouraging. Every trial we have faced I have learned to asked God, ” Ok, Lord, what do you want us to learn from this?” I understand that when we get on the missions field that we will be faced with bigger trials and bigger disappointments. How wonderful it is that God is preparing us for them now? He is a GREAT, ALL-KNOWING God.

Don’t get me wrong, we are not only faced with discouraging moments. We have plenty of encouraging ones. We are so blessed to have family and friends who have supported us and stood by us 100% this far. Their prayers and encouragement have brought us through some tough moments. We are so thankful for Vera and Basil, who are visiting family in California, that talk with us weekly. Not only do they encourage us through their words but they also pray WITH us. What a blessing it is to be able to pray with them this first month since being home from Belize.

Home. I long for putting into action what God is teaching us when I get to my home, Belize. Until then I will wait on God, listen to God, and learn from God, as he lovingly trains us for his service.

One thought on “The Trials of Today are the Training for Tomorrow

  1. Carole [sis]

    Thanks for reminding me to check this out! As our Father continues to train us and keep us, you are both in my prayers, in this process!

    Hurry Home!!!

    Love you!!!

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