The Throne of God

Everyone has their nice, quiet place where they like to worship, where you can imagine God sitting on His throne and you can worship Him. Whether you are praying, reading the bible, or singing praises it’s nice to have a place all your own to go to and have quiet time with God. For me, it’s on the shores of the Belize Mission and Retreat.

I face the Caribbean sea, the wind is blowing, the waves are lapping against the sand, I breathe deep and the sun shines on my face. I imagine God sitting on his throne and I worship Him. God is here in this place. I can feel Him with every step I take. The wind that blows is not just the wind. The first time I was here Carole said, “The place you are standing is holy ground.” How true it is! God is blessing this ministry here in Belize.

Below is a picture of the shores where I love to worship. And now I will ask you: Where do you like to worship? Where is your “throne of God?” Post your comments on the blog.

One thought on “The Throne of God

  1. Dave

    It’s hard to find one in the concrete jungle in which we live.

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