The Omniscient Hand in the Midst of Stress

About a week and a half ago I wrote a post in desperation for prayer. The first two days of our team of forty was very stressful for John and I. We tried our best to make the transition easy for the team but we were feeling the pressure behind the scenes. As the days went on, and God started putting all the pieces to the puzzle in place we were able to go with the flow. We really enjoyed being with this team. They worked very hard and encouraged us greatly.

Last Thursday evening they held a church service in the village. Many villagers came and I actually got to participate in a skit! It was fun. The temperature in the church was hot and I had Evangeline so I decided to take her and the stroller outside. While outside I saw two girls, Kayla and Crystal. I had talked to Kayla last week about where she was at with her relationship with Christ. She told me she had not accepted the Lord yet. I told her to pray about it for a week and I would follow up with her. This was the night, here was the open door. I asked her if she prayed and if God had spoken to her, she said,”Well Miss Mel, I’m ready to accept Christ.” Sweet words. I prayed with her and she went back to her friend Crystal and told her and Crystal said, “Wow, that is the best decision you will ever make.” I then asked her,”What about you?” She said, “I have not as of yet.” So I walked with her and tried to answer her questions as best I could. She had so many and seemed confused at first but as the conversation went on, I saw her understanding increase. By the end of the evening, she had become a Christian as well.

Christ knows. He knew the team would be big, knew that the week would be a little overwhelming, knew the church would be hot, knew that both those girls would be outside. He took all of those circumstances and shaped them into this perfect moment that only He could have orchestrated. So omniscient is He! So we say, “Come teams of forty! Come bless us, come and bring blessings, bring the stress, and the learning moments, God is waiting to do something AMAZING through you.”

The basketball men’s ministry is going very well. John has some guys showing up to the youth night bible study because he has been able to invite them at basketball. We are praying that God will do a mighty work through the men in the village. Please pray with us about this. We desire that their hearts will be captured for Christ. It will be a long road, but one worth traveling.

7 thoughts on “The Omniscient Hand in the Midst of Stress

  1. Naomi

    last week for me was a chalenging one as well. i learned alot about myself being out of the country in the missions feild for the first time. i am still strong in my descion to become a fulltime missionary as i feel God has called me to do so. i learned that sometimes it is more important to outreach to those on your own team then it is to outreach to those you have just met. as much as i loved working in the village the first 2 days i was blessed to be able to work with some of my teammates on the trenches the rest of the week.

    spiritually i was able to feel closer to God. standing on the beach with the waves washing over my feet i felt like i could reach out and touch God and that allowed me to talk to Him on a more personal level which i really needed.

    working with the kids during the outreach days i saw how truly different each person is from another. of course we all enjoy some of the same things but we react differently and i don’t think i had ever been able to step back and see that before.

    the week was a great experience for me and it was also great for everyone else on the team. tonight was our sr high youth group and we sang some worship songs and then shared testimonies about the trip with everyone who did not go. i could see changes in the people who went and i think our testimonies help to change people as well.

    thank you to you, john, basil, vera, jessy, cameryn, and all the staff for a wonderful life changing week! God bless you all for your obediance and willingness to serve!

    in Christ,

  2. Donna Chapman

    Wow, it is so great to hear first hand how God is working through the good and the bad. I pray you and John will get some down time to relax and refresh.

  3. Marty

    Very powerful post! The angels in heaven are rejoicing and so are we.

  4. Leah

    Woohoo!!! Souls for Jesus!


    God helped you endure and rejoyce.

  6. Rachael

    Thank you Jesus… And thank you for sharing. It’s moments like these that keep us encouraged and moving forward. God bless you, and your transparency. I love you all so much!

  7. Damn I adore this site. love.

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