A setback?

So today we got our definitive answer from the IMB that if we’re going to serve at the Belize Mission and Retreat, it’s not going to be with them. Nothing against us, it just doesn’t coincide with their strategy to target unreached people groups.

No longer can we reach the mission field on our own merits or qualifications (note: don’t mis-interpret that as a slam against the IMB…it’s a fantastic sending organization.) Now we will have to rely on faith that the God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills will see fit to provide the resources necessary to get us where he’s sending us. What a fantastic opportunity for God to be glorified! We are totally insufficient to make this happen on our own. It parallels salvation….He provides the call, saves us through his grace, and then sustains us and keeps us through His power, that He alone may receive the glory.

For some reason, I can’t manage to see this as a setback, only an opportunity.

One thought on “A setback?

  1. Mom

    Exactly! God is glorified when we totally rely on Him and His resources and not our own. This is one more step in your preparation to serve Him.

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