Surprise Trip to California

We received a call from Vera just two days ago asking us to please come to California. Vera and Basil are still in the states because of Basil’s health issues and Vera leaves for Belize to lead a team next week. It was a rather urgent request, so we dropped everything and have been preparing to drive to CA today at 2:00 pm. For right now, we need to keep the details of this trip to ourselves, we will let you know the results of the trip as they trickle down in the near future. Please pray for us and for Vera and Basil. We all need God to grant us wisdom and understanding during our time together. Your prayers are greatly appreciated and we feel great knowing that you all are interceding for us.

This is our first big trip with the baby, so we will see how she does. Please pray for Evangeline as well. We’ll keep you posted this week. Time to get going!

6 thoughts on “Surprise Trip to California

  1. John, Mel, Basil and Vera,
    While Stacy and I don’t correspond as much as we should, please know that we are in prayer for Basil and Vera and for you (John and Mel and your new arrival) as well. It is always hard to understand things that happen in our human existance but God still has his big plan and we are aware is always in control of every situation. With that thought, we pray for all of you, our Belize Friends.
    In His Name
    Bill & Stacy

  2. Leah

    Will be praying.

  3. Curt Hansen

    I’ll be praying for the three of you! (So fun to write that.) And give my greetings to Vera and Basil as well. I’ll be praying for all of you and all the decisions that need to be made.

  4. jodi

    We’ll be praying for you.

  5. Debbie Hartsell

    Will be praying. Happy Birthday Jon. I hope you had a nice day!

  6. Good to talk with you today, Jonathan. We’re continuing to pray for you.

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