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I got this letter from Kenny, our pastor, today. I’ll just post it here unchanged:

Hey Everyone.

Here is an update of all the damage that the hurricane did to the village. The first half of the hurricane took down about 20% of the trees in the village and it also took out a couple roofs from some houses. The second half did the most damage to the village. After the second half about 25-30% more trees were blown down and torn apart. At lease 15 houses in the village lost their roof or half of their roof. Marie and Milly’s house were broken. Boards and plywood from the sides were ripped off. The tall house across from Mr. Curl’s house was blown off the posts but received minimal damage. The red house across from the football field that belongs to John Moore (but is not the one he is living in) was blown off the post and received other structural damage. The outdoor classroom at the school was blown away and mashed up. Ismea’s house was blown off the posts and ripped apart. The only found three sides for the house and is still looking for the fourth side. A house besides Ismea’s house that belong to Mrs. Ionie’s son was blown into pieces. Mrs. Esteline’s house is leaning almost at a 45 degree angle. There are trees laying down all over the village. Sheets of zincs are wrapped around trees like pieces of paper. The roof of the Jenkins house was found almost a hundred yards away from the building. A tree fell on the parsonage but didn’t do any damage. The Lord was protecting it. The church and parsonage only rceived water damage from the rain that was blown inside by the 90+ mph winds.

The mission base buildings received minimal damage. No roof was blown off . water tanks from the cabanas was blown away and possible not in any condition to be used again. Almost everything in the main lodge was wet and blown around. Only one window in the lodge was broken. The doors and windows on the de-de house was blown open and everything inside was wet. Almost half the pavement that leads to the beachside was moved. The boat trailer and ramp is destroyed. 50% of the trees are gone. The roof from the sistern is gone. The generator house is broken into pieces.

The good news is that no one was hurt in the hurricane or no lives were lost. Those who lost their house and roofs are taking shelter inside the community center or staying wit relatives. My guess is that it will 2 week to a month before the government will. Be able to give the supplies to repair and rebuild. The government is just starting to do damage assessment.

Thank you for praying for us and Please keep on praying for this lovely community

In Christ


If you would like to donate toward helping us restore homes in the village or repair the mission base, please click here. Just designate it “hurricane relief.”

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  1. April

    We are praying for all of you! Praise the Lord for no lives lost! Praying for souls to come to Christ as a result.

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