Specific Prayer Requests

As we near our goal of 100% support there are many items that we are asking that you pray specifically about. First we would like to tell you that by the month of September we are hoping to be 85% supported. We have been doing a campaign to get 50 individual supporters at $50 a month. I know many of you have probably heard about this. We don’t want to exhaust you all with this campaign, but we do want to succeed. We love what God has given us to do in Mexico and we are passionate about it. If God has been laying our ministry on your heart we ask that you pray about becoming a part of this campaign. As you can see, we only need 28 more supporters! We are excited about what God is doing! On to the prayer requests:

1) We have many churches that are considering us for support so we ask that you pray earnestly that these churches would be moved in their hearts to support us. Also for the individuals that are praying about supporting us.

2) There is a huge facility in Mexico that offers physical therapy for kids like Malachi. Please pray for his acceptance into this facility. However, even if he does not get accepted there are other options for physical therapy available to him. This Facility called CRIT is top notch. Also please be in prayer about the special needs school Malachi will attend three days a week. The school’s name is CIRIAC. Please pray for the staff, and for Malachi’s preparation and acquisition into a different culture and language.

3) Prayer for our housing in Mexico. Our dream is to have a one floor house. This would allow Malachi the freedom to be fully engaged in our family. One floor housing in Mexico is not common, but they exist. We need a one floor house in the area where the church plant will be. If not a one floor house we need at least one bedroom downstairs but preferably two. This is a very important request for us.

4) Wisdom to know whether to purchase a car in the United States or purchase a car in Mexico. There are a lot of pros and cons for each decision. Obviously if we purchase here, John will have to drive the car to Guadalajara. It has been done before by the missionaries we are joining. So Dan Nelson would accompany John on the drive. We have not received clear direction from The Lord on which one to do.

5) Pray that God will raise up a local pastor for the church plant and a local leadership team. Pray for unity among us all and good communication.

6) Pray for our language learning. John will be going to a language school. He has two options to choose from, pray that The Lord will lead us to the right one for him. I will be tutored by a teacher. She is a christian and will do an excellent job I am told. It is my prayer that we will build a friendship and that I will regain as much knowledge about the language as I can.

7) The whole family needs prayer as we prepare for our transition. Please pray specifically for the kids. It is so hard for them to leave family, friends and places they love. Evangeline is already mourning the loss of some of this. However, she is excited about her dog “Thunder” (she has already named him). We promised the kids a dog when we get settled.

8) Pray for our colleagues: The Nelsons, the Johnsons, the Conners, and Jami Strandburg. Pray that the Lord will bless their ministries greatly. That He would grant them wisdom and direction. We love these folks and they will become our family. They are already near and dear to our hearts. Praying for them means as much to us as you praying for us.

Thank you for your specific prayers. They mean so much to us. Much love from the Bjorgen family to you.