Report from Belize

So I ( John ) am in Belize for the last time before we move. I’m here with our regional coordinator to hash our our ministry plan for the next year. We’ve got ambitious plans, but we’ve also got a great God to depend on. It’s good to have specific goals for a couple reasons. First, so that we can pray specifically, and then recognize when God answers prayer. This affords us greater opportunity to direct glory to God for the things he has done. Second, it allows us to be intentional in our ministry, so that we can evaluate what we’re doing effectively and where we can improve. Third, it gives us accountability to our sending organization and our ministry partners.

I’ve also been getting increasingly excited about the move. I’ve been able to get some things accomplished while here to start the process. I’ve worked out an arrangement to use a house belonging to a neighbor of the mission in exchange for a small amount of work. This will be our residence until we can build one. I met with the guide who will help me drive the Jeep through Mexico to Belize. I’ve always hoped and planned to do that, but it’s good to finally start getting a more concrete idea how that’s all going to work out. Last, but not least, I was able to commission a crib to be built for Evangeline so that she’ll have somewhere to sleep when we arrive. It should be finished and at the base before our arrival.

This was a quick trip and I’ll be returning tomorrow. Please continue to pray that our startup funds will come in quickly. We can’t make any concrete plans to come down until our organization gives us the go-ahead that all of our required support has been raised. I’ll post an update soon as to the progress of that.

4 thoughts on “Report from Belize

  1. Donna Chapman

    It sounds exciting to know you will SOON be on your way into the next phase of your life with GOd 🙂

  2. Awesome!

  3. Leah Miller

    Great job John, what a loving husband and father you are to be meeting the needs of your family.

    Mel Reply:

    Amen to that sister!

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