Provision Two-fold

Sometimes days go by quick, but some days drag out. John and I have plenty to do but today was long. It gave me time to think. I thought about how yesterday I had to make “the phone call” and tell my boss that I’m giving her two weeks notice because we are leaving, I thought about how tomorrow I have to call my other boss, I thought that I really miss my home no matter how small it is, I miss my dear family and friends, and I thought that I’d love to go home. I’m not even on the mission field yet! And it’s only the beginning. I’m sure there will be more long days filled with waiting, thinking, and longing. Such is the process of deputation. Like I said before, it is a necessary process, one that God is taking us through, and holding our hands along the way.

In all of my thoughts today, I did think on God’s provision. He has faithfully provided our monitary needs as well as our spiritual needs. Every time we turn I see how God has already “ordered our steps”. So no matter how lonley I feel at times, all I have to do is focus on how faithfully God has provided and is going to provide and I feel secure, and not lonely any more. In fact, I’m quite content knowing my future is “ordered” by my Heavenly Father.

How has God provided for you today?

2 thoughts on “Provision Two-fold

  1. Mel, thank you for this post. It was really encouraging to read how you are resting with God’s faithfulness admist your changing circumstances. I too long to be “home” here and there…reminds me of the song, “Homesick” by Mercy Me.


  2. Hi Mel,
    Your letter touched my heart b/c I have struggled many times with wishing for home and familiar things too. I believe this is something the devil has used to keep me from really applying myself to the task at hand. Not that loving our homes is all bad but that it can be too much of a deterent if it becomes our focus.
    I am glad you have shared your struggles with us as well as your victories. God Bless you in ALL you do!
    In Christ,

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