Preparing to Evacuate for a Hurricane

Tropical Storm Matthew is quickly picking up strength and is headed straight for Belize with winds so far at 50mph. It is predicted to be Hurricane strength and hit Belize at around 2am on Sunday.

We can’t wait around to see if the storm will turn or not so we have to prepare and leave. Everyone is up early this morning and there is much work to be done to prepare the base for this kind of storm. I will have John post later to tell you all everything that had to be done. I’m mostly useless since I can’t lift and move, but I can get my house in order.

Since the rains will come first we have decided to evacuate tonight so we can get me and the guests out of here. From there, we will keep an eye on the storm. We can not stay in the city because it is surrounded by the ocean so John and I will head west to San Ignacio, on the near the Guatemalan boarder (If the hurricane hits) to a missionaries house.

So that is it for now. We just ask you to pray. We are pretty calm now, just doing what needs to get done. Ok, I have a ton of stuff to do so I better go.

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  2. Donna Chapman

    Okay….you are back at the Tippy Top of our prayer List….we pray that no weapon formed against you will prosper,


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