Preparing and Processing

I wrote that title thinking it might be the most appropriate words for what we are doing at this point. John is getting the trailer all fixed up. Get this, we needed parts of the trailer welded and as John was painting it he looked up, and across the street was a welding truck. He asked the guy if he could come over and weld our trailer, and he did! At less than half the price! Talk about God’s provision. Stanley “the guide” is flying in on the 17th and he and John will be leaving on the 18th. I gave away the last of my shoes **boo-hoo**. I only have one pair of high-heals left. I mostly kept them as a remembrance of things past and the fact that they are my favorite pair :-).

Right now I can feel my heart processing a wealth of emotions. I “well” up a lot lately just thinking about things. I know God is beside me comforting me. Fears and anxieties spring up, I know this is “normal” for a missionary lady but it’s a lot to process at the same time I’m preparing to move to a different country. Two weeks ago, if you told me that we were going to be leaving on the 10th of February I would have said “That’s too late!” now I’m leaving on the 11th and my heart is crying “That’s too soon!”. Again, feelings that are said to be “normal” for me to have right now. Some of the fears that I have are not rational, and I know that. I am glad to have a loving Father who allows me to process this stuff and trust Him to make it work out. I know He will.

We are overwhelmed with everything that has transpired in the last week. Please pray for God’s wisdom and strength as the next 11 days zoom by for us.

5 thoughts on “Preparing and Processing

  1. April Menking

    We will be praying for you!! How wonderful it is to hear how the Lord has been working through this whole process! Thanks for sharing your heart.

  2. Donna Chapman

    LOrd, I pray you will continue to comfort Mel and she separates from her life here in the States and bless her as she begins her work for you in Belize. Thank you, God for bringing them the support money needed to do this work; you ARE an AWESOME God; for sure, ALL THE TIME! Amen

    I am getting to go home to Washington on Wed with my son and his family. He has a conference there and the rest of us are tagging along. I haven’t been “home” since 9/11/01. I thank God for this opportunity.

    DC GIRL, too

  3. We will continue praying for you.

  4. Mom

    We are praising God for His provision and praying for continued wisdom, strength, health, and patience for you during these last few days. Keep your thoughts under God’s control. “The mind set on the Spirit is life and peace.” Romans 8 We love you—

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