Please pray for Basil de Klerk

For those who don’t know, Basil is the director of the Belize Mission and Retreat with whom we have served the last 3 years.

He is very ill and in the hospital, awaiting med-evac to the US. What started as an infection has become meningoencephalitis (infection of both the fluid in the sac surrounding the brain and the brain itself.) This in turn has been leading to other complications including high blood pressure, waste retention, severe headache, etc. The doctors here in Belize are having difficulty bringing these complications under control. More information on his current status can be found at the Belize Mission blog.

Please lift him up in prayer as well as his wife Vera.


6 thoughts on “Please pray for Basil de Klerk

  1. Donna Chapman


  2. Phyllis Hull

    We will be praying for Basil.

  3. Valerie Wilson

    Basil will be in our prayers for a full recovery. What a blessing that he has a loving wife and good friends to be there for him. My heart goes out to you all.

  4. Jodi Strava


  5. Jodi

    In constant prayer…please keep us updated…hang in there friends!!

  6. Katherine

    Just prayed…In the name of Jesus, the only true son of God, I pray that Basil is healed of all disease, virus, bacteria for by His Stripes Basil is healed. I pray that no weaponed formed against Basil can prosper. Lord God, you are the great physician, send your HOly angels to surround Basil and I ask the HOly SPirit to pray for Basil, to give wisdom to all medical persons who are looking after Basil. Lord by your hand I as for your glory to be made manifest for all to see the healing and full recovery of Basil. Jesus, please come along side Vera and console her and give her wisdom from above that you give, for your word says, when we ask, and I ask for your wisdom and discernment to come to Vera and the doctors – all involved to take care of Basil, that give your wisdom liberally. I ask that Basil be completely in your hands. Amen. Thank you Father God

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