Our Ministry Vehicles- Spiritual and Physical

Last week marked the beginning of our discipleship. It was a bit of an adjustment for us because there was also a team staying at the Belize Mission. We learned that it takes a balancing act to do both. We knew that by discipling it would cut into time we spent with the team in the village, but they were well taken care of by the Kidders. So while I would go out and disciple, John would watch the kids and vice versa. Sometimes that meant that John would have to take the kids to the work site (the team was building a house there), other times it would require me to rush home from discipling so John could go out and disciple and help with the house. He would come back, and then I would go join the team for VBS. We are still working on balancing our schedule, especially when teams are here, it’s not perfect, but GOD HAS BLESSED OUR TIME! We feel so encouraged by the time we have spent with the eight we are discipling. Here are some spiritual “vehicles” that help us disciple.

The Bible- Nothing like God’s perfect word and sword to pierce hearts and lives.

The Purpose Driven Life- This book has proven an effective tool for us here. “Staying with the basics” is what Pastor Kenny has challenged us to do. This book is very basic, is packed full of scripture, and answers many questions that Belizeans are asking. When used as a guide, it is very helpful.

Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem- John is going through this large book with Shannon, because he needs a better understanding of theology and needs a good overall view of doctrine. Shannon is really soaking everything in.

Crazy Love by Francis Chan- Una and I are going through this book together to challenge us in our faith. Although some of it talks about the “American Church” much of it is relevant here as well. Una is enjoying this study and is feeling very challenged by it so far.

Proverbs- A couple of my women have not gotten into the habit of reading the bible daily. I have challenged them to read a chapter from Proverbs every day of the week. This practice is greatly helping Amanda. Not only did she express to me that she feels better for daily being in the Word, but Proverbs is challenging her.

College course- Kenny and John are looking into doing a college course together in biblical studies. John hopes this can be a way to further both their biblical knowledge, and provide and challenge for Kenny. Please pray for this to happen.

So how do we get around the village? The jeep has been broken down for several months now. Even so, we have found that the villagers respect us for riding our bike and walking through the village. They feel that we are one of them, and that is a good feeling for us. We love them so much and want to be a part of their lives. Here are a couple of pictures of our ministry vehicles:

The stroller was anonymously donated by someone from a supporting church. We use it at least three times a day, to push the kids to church or on visitation.

The bike is an example of what our bike looks like. Our bike has a basket and a baby seat attached to it. We use the bike constantly and it is the main vehicle that get’s us to and from discipleship.

Please continue to pray for us as we seek wisdom from the Lord in all things. We are imperfect people serving a great and perfect God. Our prayer is that He will use us as a tools for Him. Praise the Lord with us that so far, discipleship has been going very well. Pray that the devil will not be able to infiltrate.

8 thoughts on “Our Ministry Vehicles- Spiritual and Physical

  1. Donna Chapman

    May God continue to bless and encourage you as you continue to serve Him.

  2. April Menking

    Love reading your updates. We are praying for you and the ones you are disciplining. You are a true example to imitate in our lives here in the States.

  3. Mandy Klint

    I am so encouraged to hear all that you’re doing. It makes me smile 😀 I can’t wait to get down there!

  4. Ed and Sabrina

    We love you guys and pray for God’s work to be completed thru you ~
    I love a book, Unlocking God’s Secrets by Bob Morley. It lays out how God has revealed His existence thru filfilled prophecy. It is a book that really helped change my life. Something clicked in my thick scull finally and I realized my Creator and Savior was more real and everlasting than this ol’ world we live in!

  5. We studied Crazy Love in our small group. It was great!

  6. Darlene

    Those sound like exciting times & interesting transportation issues. FUN!
    We keep you in our prayers. A lady from Trinity was on a cruise & tried to reach you, but she didn’t hear from you.

  7. Caroline P.

    So glad you have the right resources to help you like Purpose-Driven Life and Crazy Love. And it sounds like you have just the right transportation for now for y’all to be true villagers. Exciting stuff. We love hearing these updates and we will be in prayer for everything you mentioned.

  8. Great post! So insightful! THX!

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