On a Lighter Note

Our blog posts have been so heavy lately that I decided to post some cute things that Evangeline is saying right now, Enjoy!

-Every time she bumps into something she asks herself “Are you okay?” and then she follows up with “Yes, I okay.”
-“I want to hold you.”
-When she is earnest about being held she says, “Hold you, hold you, hold you.”
-Footsteps are heard on the porch: Evangeline- “Somebody ‘s coming” John- “Who?” Evangeline- “I no know.”
-“I sorry”
-“It’s noisy”
– She calls me “Mommy’s Here.”
-I say “All set” and she says, “You bep (bet).”
-“Baby Ellis”
– This is how she sings the “ABC’s”: “A, B, C, D, H, I, K!” and then at the end she sings, “Now I know, I know, I know..”
– We are in a restaurant and she looked at the waitress and said, “Hi! What are you doing here?”
– “Oh man!”
– “Where’s daddy are?” (Where is daddy)
– “Yes ham”. (Yes Ma’am)
– “Twinkle, twinkle little tar, how I wonder, wonder are.”

One thought on “On a Lighter Note

  1. Mom

    Here are some of my faves: “Grandma, where are you?” “Grandma’s eyes” (as she carries my contact lenses to the bathroom for me) When she couldn’t persuade the dogs to eat the leaf, she put it on its head and said, “Oh, cute.” When she discovered she had soy milk in her sippy cup “It’s gross.” “It’s a little bit hot.” Then blowing on the slide to cool it off! 🙂 And my ultimate favorite: When she sees a Bible—“That’s the book for me!”

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