“MOVE WITH A SENSE OF URGENCY!” I can not tell you how many times I heard that being yelled to me when I was at boot camp back in 2001. That sentence has stuck with me since being there. Sometimes I’ll say it to myself to motivate me or to a member of my family as a joke.

After being in Belize for five weeks and seeing the work that it takes to keep the mission base in running condition and also keep up with ministry in in the village, I find myself thinking of that sentence more often now. John and I have recognized the the urgent need for us to be in Belize as soon as possible. We look at all it takes to live in Belize under the conditions that we will be in and we honestly do not know how Vera a Basil have lasted for seven years without another full time couple helping them on a consistent basis. God really poured out his grace on them.

Vera and Basil really need us in Belize as soon as possible, keeping in mind that God has perfect timing for everything. Most of you know that we have to be at 100% of our support before we leave for Belize. We are working very hard to get to this point. Being in Belize has only fueled our fire to work harder to get there, we WILL “move with a sense of urgency.”

If you would like to partner with us in getting to Belize you can get in contact with us by clicking the “contact us” or “How do I Become a Ministry Partner?” links to the right of our blog.

It has been a smooth transition from Belize back to AZ. Now, we are gearing up for a three week trip to MD, SC, and TN. Please pray for saftey as we travel. Thank you so much for interceding for us at the throne of grace, we really covet your prayers.


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    Mel, I want to come to your shower or have lunch with you in Hartsville. Call me, Donna (332-5109

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