More Things to Check of the List

Well folks, our video is complete. It still needs some fine tuning, but our work is done. The finished product will be shipped to us on Wednesday. I must say, it’s pretty snazzy. Matt (the guy who did our video) did an awesome job. We’ll be posting in on the website in about a couple of weeks.

We were also able to design a brochure while we were there. This brochure will talk more about our ministry in Belize. We will also have a table top display. So we checked three things off of our list in two days. AMAZING. Everyone was so great. The BGC is a wonderful organization filled with awesome people.

Home again, home again, jiggidy jig.

4 thoughts on “More Things to Check of the List

  1. Great, you’re off to a good start. Congratulations, sounds like you are going to have an awesome ministry!!! We’re proud of you! Love, Ma and Pa

  2. Leah

    VERY EXCITING!!! Praise the Lord that you were able to get so much done. See you guys soon.

  3. Debbie

    This is great news! Looking forward to seeing the new video. We have your prayer cards placed around where we can be reminded to pray for you.
    Today is Jim’s BD (but don’t tell him I told you) Thinking of you often and missing you. Be bold, be strong, for the Lord our God is with you!

  4. Kristin Sherid

    I love the video! It is so, so good!!

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