Mel – internationally acclaimed speaker

Well, sorta. In Belize anyway. Last month, Mel was asked to speak at the Brethren national women’s prayer breakfast.

It went extremely well. She was thankful for all of your prayers, and felt the Spirit really helped to articulate the message God had placed on her heart. It was well-received by the ladies that were there. One lady even claimed that her worldview had been changed as a result of the talk.

So last week, we were invited to the Brethren Christmas banquet and informed that Mel was going to be recognized. We attended last night and enjoyed a great evening of food and entertainment. Mel was lauded in front of the entire assembly and received a beautiful wood carving as a gift of appreciation. I’m very proud of her and glad she’s been given the opportunity to use her gifts for God’s glory.

Mel being recognized at Christmas Banquet

Mel with Una (Pastor's wife) at Christmas Banquet

4 thoughts on “Mel – internationally acclaimed speaker

  1. Mary Lubinski

    Congratultions Mel! This is great and I’m proud of you. How neat to be used by God in this way. The picture of you and Una is just lovely!!

  2. Amy

    That is so Awesome Mel

  3. Darlene Millican

    Congratulations, Mel. It’s wonderful that God has given you the gift to speak & you are using it to glorify Him.
    Have a blessed Christmas!
    Pastor Bill & Darlene

  4. Donna Chapman

    I’m not at all surprised the DC Girl has been acclaimed !

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