March Update

March did come roaring in like a lion for us. The Belize Mission was booked solid with teams for last month. We helped where we were needed and the girls enjoyed participating in a couple of VBS’s that the teams put on. The teams did a great job ministering, constructing, painting, and being flexible.

We also had the opportunity to host a team here in the village. It is not very often that we will do this, but this team was unique in that there were two former missionaries to Gales Point Village in this team. It was a very small group and we had room to accommodate them in our home. They gave the church a “facelift”. They repainted the church a beautiful green and also painted a mural depicting Jesus Christ as “The Way, The Truth, and The LIfe.” The second half of their time here, they took the entire Ladies Bible Study out to Caye Caulker for a retreat. We played games, sang songs, prayed, cried, talked about spiritual gifts, fellowshipped with the Lord, and each lady received a pedicure! It was so nice. The ladies felt very special. The team from Living Streams did a great job showing God’s love to the villagers and pouring love on our family.

The discipleship program is going very well. We are seeing growth and understanding in each person that we are taking time with. We ourselves are being challenged by the Lord. God is really blessing our individual time with who He has laid on our hearts. Please continue to pray for the discipleship program.

May 4th is the scheduled c-section date for Baby number three. As it draws closer, memories of past c-sections come back to my mind. Even though it is not considered “real labor”, I think it is. Birth is birth, and having major surgery while awake and then recovering from it for six weeks is no picnic. It is labor in a different way. Please be in prayer that the Lord will grant me calmness of spirit and that I will be able to rest in Him. One amazing thing that is happening is that my Mom will be able to be in the operating room along with John and I. This is very rare as they only allow just one other person in the OR during a c-section. The doctor has been very accommodating to me and is making an exception. This will be my moms 6th grandchild but her first that she will see birthed and it will be her BIRTHDAY! What a cool gift.

We love you all! Please stay tuned and be in prayer for our next blog that I will write as to what the Lord is asking you to do.

4 thoughts on “March Update

  1. Darlene

    This is such exciting news. I really would love to come to Belize on a mission trip. If you know of any groups coming, please let me know in advance & maybe I could come with them.
    I love hearing your stories about your family & ministry.
    We’ll be praying for that birth on May 4. Do you know if it is another girl or a boy?


  2. Donna Chapman

    Dear Lord please increase John and Mel’s support and bring this dear little boy into their arms safe and healthy. Amen

  3. Cameryn Bjorgen

    I can’t wait to see you guys this summer and I’m excited about meeting baby number 3!! I’m praying for you guys:)

  4. Mel, we are praying for you and the birth. May you see his hand and know his strength. Brian

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