Makin’ a run for the border

And I’m not talkin’ Taco Bell. Because we found out that the border is closed on Sat. after we booked the ticket, we’ve had to move very fast in a slow jeep. Only got 4 hours of sleep last night and tonight’s lookin like it’s gonna be five. Only 4.5 hrs of driving time and a couple hours at the border before we cross. I’d write more, but I’m tapping this out on my phone. Just wanted to report that I’m fine and things are going roughly according to plan. I’ll be incommunicado til Mon.

Hasta la vista!

5 thoughts on “Makin’ a run for the border

  1. Praying you make it. Glad things are going ok so far.

  2. Donna Chapman

    Glad to get an update…..”Lord, there are NO BORDERS in your jurisdiction…please take John and Stanley through and into Belize for your praise and glory! Amen”

  3. Nicole Bryan

    Praying for you John. We love you guys so much and are excited for you to get started in Belize.

  4. Mom

    We will certainly miss hearing from you until Monday, but hopefully, your jeep will continue to show us your progress. Wish you could get more sleep. Praying for wisdom and safety—God is faithful. “He sendeth more strength as the labors increase.”

  5. Mel

    Praying for you honey
    ! Hoping you might make it here on Sunday but not expecting. Having faith that you will be safe. I love you!

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