June / July Update

Crazy New Life

We are a little behind on our updates. If I could put raising 3 kids three years of age and under in one word it would be CRAZY! We knew it would be, but THIS level of crazy was beyond what we imagined. We are having a wonderful time with our three kids but they keep us running around for the better part of the day. Evangeline is bursting with song. She has a song in her heart all day. She loves to sing and dance and she is as curious as a kitten. Ellis is bursting with energy. She is a non-stop firecracker. The world is her canvas; she loves to color…on EVERYTHING. She would color all day if she had her way. Malachi is bursting with health! After be so sick in the hospital, he is the picture of health now. He is a big boy weighing in at 13 lbs, and he is twelve weeks old. He is a darling baby and the darling of the family. The girls love him and can’t wait to play with him. God has blessed us with our Miracle Malachi.


Two interns that made a BIG difference

At the end of May John’s niece, Cameryn, arrived. This was her third summer in Belize. She was a big blessing to us helping us out with the kids. Everywhere we went, she went, and she always had one of our babies in her arms. She eased the burden of adjusting to a newborn greatly. I was able to get some much needed rest because of her visit. Thank you Cammy! We love you!

The beginning of June brought us another intern, Teagan. Teagan was challenged to be obedient to the Lord while she was here last year with her church. She felt the Lord was asking her to explore missions more and she decided to come to Belize to work with the children in the village. Pastor Kenny really challenged John and I to make the most of her internship by maximizing the time with the village kids. Every week she taught Sunday School, Second Sunday School (on Friday), Girls Bible Study, and helped the teams from her church develop an effective VBS curriculum. She did an amazing job and made great connections with the girls in her bible study. In addition to that, she lived with us and helped care for the girls. She, like Cameryn, was a great blessing to us. We even were able to go on a date to the only restaurant in Gales Point, Gentles Cool Spot. it was a much needed break. We and the villagers were very sad to see her go. We pray the Lord blesses her in all she does for Jesus.

Supporting Churches Bring Teams

Woodridge Church in Medina, MN brought a team again this year. Last year they came I referred to them on this blog as my “cream soda team“. We have formulated lasting friendships with this church and many of our friends came down with the first of two teams from their church this summer. They did a great job with VBS, Ladies Bible Study Extravaganza, Sports with the kids, painting houses, and much more. The church has a great gift of encouragement and they really encouraged John and I. After a difficult month dealing with Malachi, they showered love on us. They are forever stamped on our hearts. Friends for life, brought together by God. What a blessing they are. Thank you Woodridge!

Calvary Baptist Church from Webberville, MI came in late July. They focused their ministry on house building, children, and women. They built a house for Millie, a woman in the village who’s house was destroyed by the Hurricane Richard and was rebuilt by the government. The government house was too small to meet her needs. She now has a roomier house for her and her grandson, LaJourn. The women on the team did a great job assisting me with the Ladies Bible Study. After one study we all had a fun time painting nails together, at another bible study all the ladies came to our house and after the study we all swam in the lagoon and ate hot dogs. It was such a fun time with the ladies in the village. Two of the teenage girls who came with the team really blessed me by helping me with the kids for a couple of days. I need all the help I can get. Life can get overwhelming with three little ones. The team also provided backpacks for every child that goes to Gales Point Government School. Thank you so much for all of your hard work Calvary!

Looking ahead

Discipleship: We will continue working with the villagers that we are discipling. John has added one more guy that recently got baptized at camp and has turned his life over to Christ. He is one of the young men who used to live with us at the base. We are so happy that he finally gave his life to Christ. He now states, “I am a changed man.” I (Mel) have not been meeting regularly with my ladies since Malachi has been born but I plan to begin official meetings as soon as the busy summer season is over.

Home Team: October may bring with it a team from our home church in AZ, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship. It will be nice to see familiar faces and spend time with them. They always do well in ministry here, Vera de Klerk will be leading the team.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the church in Gales Point that the Lord will strengthen it and encourage Pastor Kenny. That the lord will do a mighty work in the hearts and lives of the villagers in Gales point.
  • Pray for Ellis. She has had a cough since Malachi has been born. We are addressing it with antibiotics and nebulizer treatments. We ask the Lord for her healing.
  • Pray for our family. That the Lord would bless the task He has set for us to do here. That we will be strengthened by Him and remember to put on the Armor of God daily.
  • Please pray that we can increase our support partners.*

We are praising God for:

  • Thirteen baptisms at a camp that Pastor Kenny was a director at. Fellow colleagues Mike and Cindy Kidder were there as well and they said on Facebook that camp was tiring but VERY rewarding. Praising God for those who could go to camp to minister to the kids.
  • Protection from tropical storms and hurricanes. We are in the thick of the season.
  • The relationships we have made with those in the village. We love them so much.
  • For some colleagues who have really ministered to our hearts the past few months, and will continue to mentor us. Please thank God for them when you remember us in your prayers.


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4 thoughts on “June / July Update

  1. Donna Chapman

    So good to see the pic’s and read the text. The girls are so grown and both beautiful. Thanks for the prayer needs; I try to pray for y’all daily.

    Lots of love,
    DC Girl 2

  2. Paul & Phyllis Hull

    It was great to be with you and experience what you do everyday. The team was impressed with the work going on there. Thank you for making us feel welcome. Sure enjoyed your little ones. Malachi is such a beautiful baby boy and so precious. Hope you enjoyed your “staycation”. Blessings on your family as you continue to serve the Lord. Praying for direction for the future.

    Love Phyllis

  3. Maureen Read

    Did I give you a copy of my first book, Like a Watered Garden? It’s the story of our three children. Three kids 2 and under. It is crazy, exhausting, but wonderful to have them. May you have strength for your day. Prayers. Maureen

  4. Evan

    Thanks for such a newsy post and great pictures too! Exciting to see Malachi flourish 🙂 We will continue to pray for your requests – keep them comin’

    Love Evan

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