It’s a…

Girl!!!!! Another beautiful girl! We could not be more thrilled. I know and understand the beautiful bond of sisterhood and am very happy that Evangeline and little baby ” ” ( we are not sharing the name again), will be able to experience that bond.

The doctors appt. went well. He is concerned that I have lost weight and have not gained any so I need to drink one Ensure a day for a month to see if I gain, if not, then I have to go on supplements. He said my weight is too low right now. Given my limited diet because of the remoteness and the fact that he does not think I can adequately increase my calories, he told me to drink Ensure. Hopefully I’ll gain enough to make him happy. He was only concerned when I told him I am having a loss of appetite. Please pray for me regarding this area.

Anyway we are excited and so happy to not have to buy any baby clothes.

I am having more pain in my right kidney. I am drinking a ton of water and am hoping to pass whatever is in there. Praying that I can see a Urologist soon.

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  1. April Menking

    How exciting!! I love having a sister! That is great about the clothes too!! I will be praying for you!

  2. Jalene

    Another girl, how exciting!!!! 😀

  3. Valerie Wilson

    Evangeline is going to have a sister, splendid!! Thanks for sharing the wonderful news, Melissa. We’re praying for your health. Do you want us to ship you some high-calorie foods??

    Mel Reply:

    Val, Hi! The only thing the doctor says will work right now is the ensure for a month. he does not think I can increase my caloric intake enough. So, we will see what will happen. Thank you so much for the offer.

  4. Rachel

    YAY!!!! Congrats!!!! I can’t wait to meet her!

  5. Donna Chapman

    Am praying for you and your kidney…also weight gain! How good is that?!

  6. Caroline P.

    Yay for a baby sister for Evangeline! How exciting!

    Praying that the Ensure helps you with your weight gain. Also, praying for your kidney. When I was in the ER with a very painful kidney stone, the doctor actually told me that a good remedy was “drinking lots of BEER”. I did not go with that one, as I’m sure you wouldn’t want to, either! 🙂 Like you, I stuck with pain meds and drinking tons of water.

    Hang in there! We love all “four” of you!

    Mel Reply:

    Thanks for the Beer tip. LOL! No, I do not think I will partake. 😉

  7. Jodi

    Yeah – Congrats to you, John and little Evangline !! We’ll continue to pray of course !! When is your due date? I want to make sure that we (the young marrieds class) can get another “wish/need” basket to you with the next group coming down, hopefully in time or shortly after she arrives:) Keep us posted on needs / wishes … and we’ll do our best!!
    Oh, and I have to tell you….I went shopping with Michelle VanAllsburg and got a SKIRT, can you believe it … a skirt!!! No color, it’s blue jean … but I’ve been making sure I look for color in honor of you 🙂 ha ha ha

    Miss ya! Jodi

  8. Mom

    Lots of prayers going up for you with lots of answers from our gracious Lord. You will have many stories to share with the girls when they are older of God’s protection, provision, and faithfulness. Is Ensure readily available there? Are you taking prenatal vitamins? Should we send some with the team? Praying you will pass the stone soon. Love to you all,

    Mel Reply:

    Ensure IS available in this country :-). Very $$$. Glad I only have to take it for a month. I am taking prenatal vitamins and I was able to pass the stone :-).

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