**Important Change** Support Partners Revised

After learning about how the BGC works this weekend, I had to completely change the “Support Partners” section. First the name has changed from “support” to “ministry”. Everyone that supports us is involved in our ministry and becomes a partner with us. We are deeply humbled and grateful. Also, there is now a way in which monthly support can be withdrawn form your account. This makes it so easy. At first, you have to “snail mail” the form in, but after that you don’t have to worry about mailing anything else in. The link will take you to the website and tell you all about it.

Alright, hope everyone has a wonderful day. You will be hearing from me soon! Love you all.

One thought on “**Important Change** Support Partners Revised

  1. Lucy

    It is so wonderful to read your blogs and stay in touch. Looking forward to seeing everything that the Lord has in store for you both. Miss you guys here and praying for your safe travel.

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