Hi ho, Hi ho

It’s off to work I go. Except my commute is 2500 miles. I’ve fixed the tracker, so you can follow us tomorrow and Friday. Just click on the “where are the Bjorgen’s” link to your right. We pull out around 6:00am MST. More info tomorrow…It’s 1:30 am and I’m beat.

9 thoughts on “Hi ho, Hi ho

  1. Donna Chapman

    Thanks for the update and I love the tracker!

    God, please watch over JOhn, his companion, and the Jeep….may they travel in safety and peace šŸ™‚ oh, and joy, too!


  2. Mom

    Evidently Stanley made it to Phoenix safely and on time. I was praying for his first leg of the journey. I love the tracker, too, but why does it show the jeep in SE Colorado? Are you headed for Canada or Mexico? (Snicker) Donna and I are agreeing in prayer. Love you—-

    John Reply:

    So despite my best efforts to make it work, my phone flipped out and started reporting wrong coordinates. Turns out there is a bug in this model phone that they haven’t fixed yet. Oh well. As of 7pm, it’s working again.

    Mel Reply:

    Hey! If you can reply to this thread, then, you can e-mail me. So please write me! Really want to hear from you! Love you!

  3. matt lenhard

    john I am praying for a swift safe trip for you and stanley. matt

  4. Rachael

    Praying for your trip, brother! Glad you made it to Tucson alright after such a long day!

  5. Shawn Lorg

    Looks like you’re making good progress. Hope the trailer is holding up.

    John Reply:

    Splendidly! Quality workmanship that

  6. Shawn Lorg

    Good deal. I almost parked outside the garage out of habit! Get some good sleep, Gringo.

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