Going to the Hospital- Video

Hi! Here we are at the hospital. The waiting begins. I was only 2cm dilated so they gave me a medicine called Cervadil instead of the Pitocin. They are hoping this will put me into labor, if not, I have to wait 12 hours. Please pray this medicine will take effect. It’s all in God’s hands. Here is a short video for you all to enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “Going to the Hospital- Video

  1. Tim Bjorgen

    Exciting… keep em comin!

  2. Ma

    Mel, It’s almost time, and she will be in yours and John’s loving arms! I know you can’t wait, but just know that it will be perfect all in God’s timing. Thank you for sharing this video, I almost feel like I’m there with you and wish I could be!!!

    Can’t wait to meet this new little creation of God’s. I stand in awe of what He has knitted together in your womb!

    Mel, remember not to use those bad words when your at your height of pain, be kind to John, don’t say anything you’ll regret!!! Think of wonderful thoughts and scriptures that would replace the harsh words that we as expectant mother’s have a tendency to use during labor!

    Enjoy this time John, at least she can’t get up and chase you! Love you guys! Little Princess Bjorgen come into this world we’re all waiting to give you love and see your beautiful face!

    Love, Ma

  3. Patrick Repp

    Blessings to you and your new babe. Praying your delivery is going well (or, hopefully, has gone well by this time) and that your new daughter will arrive healthy.

  4. Ruth

    Melissa, you are so adorable! This was so fun to watch!

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