Getting Ready for Belize

I’m packed and ready to go. I’m finally allowing myself to get excited!!! I can’t wait. The first couple of days I will be staying in the city with Basil and Vera. (This will allow me time to get plenty of footage of the city.) Then, on Sunday, we will pick up a team from Cornerstone (Our new church), and head to the mission base. As usual I will be blogging and I might even vlog. So get your mouse clicker ready, and join me on a “Virtual Mission Trip”.

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Belize

  1. Tania


    I so excited that you are going to Belize. I know it will be a bit of a motivator for you. Enjoy your time there.


  2. Jenifer O'Neal

    We are praying for you. Be safe. Frances and Jenifer

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