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We are gearing up to leave for Mexico very very soon. We need to get our visas first and it has taken us longer than expected. We want to make sure that you all are in contact with us through Social media. If you are head of a mission committee please have someone on your team (or everyone) follow us on Social Media. We have a private Facebook group call Tapatio Americano. If you have not already joined, you will first have to make sure I am (Melissa Bjorgen) your friend on Faceboook and send me a message saying that you would like to be added. We will not be posting a lot of pictures of our personal lives in Mexico on Facebook,for extra precaution. I will however be posting pictures on our Private facebook group.

For Instagram and Twitter find us at TapatioAmericano.

Feel free to write us if you have any questions.

Something unexpected has come up. It is a huge praise that Malachi has an appointment with a state of the art facility for Physical Therapy. He will probably be going to do school in the early intervention program. The school will be all day. Originally John was going to take the bus to school, but because of this unexpected change, we will need an inexpensive small second vehicle. The cost for this will approximately be $3000. We know we have asked you to give many times. But perhaps there are those out there that would like to meet this specific need, or those that have not given yet but would like to now. Please contact us if you are interested. Thank you so much! We will post a blog when our tickets are purchased.