ANSWERS TO PRAYER: You will be amazed

Praise: The Anuencia that we have been waiting for is in the mail and on it’s way to us!

Praise: We have a consulate appointment for Tuesday. We could leave as soon as Friday.

Praise: Our colleugues have worked very hard to find a one floor house to meet our needs for Malachi. It is not common to find a house with one floor. Well, they found on and it is perfect for us. The contract is signed and we can begin to set it up on Mrach 1st. If you remember this was one of our main requests.

Praise: Malachi has an appointment on March 25th for a state of the art special needs school! We have been on the waiting list for about 7-8 months, and moved from #200 to now having a check-up.

Praise: We found out that Malachi can get a bulk head seat because his legs will not fit in a regular seat with his car seat. The airline is going to be very accommodating because he is considered “totally disabled”.

BIG PRAYER REQUEST: The consulate has the power to issue our visas the same day or in severals day. They did however, warn us that it could take up to 10 days. Please be praying that they will grant us the visas by Thursday at the latest.

Prayer request: The anniversary of Malachi’s diagnosis is coming up and this is always a difficult time for me (Melissa). It really hits home when we are making appointments for a special needs school and setting up plane tickets for a special needs child. Malachi is getting older now and people around us notice that he is disabled. There are so many stares and I try to ignore them but it is hard on this moms heart, even so, I hold my head high. There is not a day that goes by that I am not concerned for him, not thinking about his every need. It is a silent struggle that I think most moms with disabled kids face. I never thought we would walk this path. But God has truly blessed us with Malachi and I hold fast that the Lord has an ultimate plan and purpose for him that we can not imagine. Pray for my heart.