Feels like -17

Well, we’ve been in Minnesota for three days now. Sorry for the delay in writing. We’re in intense workshops here with hardly any time to blog. We’re building valuable relationships with missionaries who have come home on furlough. We are asking them many questions about BGC missions and about being a missionary on the field. It’s been great to fellowship with others that know EXACTLY what we are going through right now.

It’s -3 degress but it feels like -17 degrees with the wind chill factor. I’ve never felt -17 degrees, EVER. Believe me, it’s cold, and it’s supposed to get colder Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Thankfully we are at a retreat center that has a sauna, heated pool, and a hot tub. So there are ways to stay warm.

I’m looking forward to coming home, even if it is for a few weeks. Right now, our plan is to leave February 21st. If anyone in Hartsville would like to get together with us before we leave please e-mail me and let me know so I can get it on our calendar. We have a lot to plan so it would be nice to have our last days on the east coast preplanned as best we can. We love you all. Thanks for the prayer support.

2 thoughts on “Feels like -17

  1. Carrie Moore

    It makes me hurt just thinking about -17 degrees! I’ll say a prayer đŸ™‚

  2. John

    It actually got as low as -17 with a wind chill of -35 one night. Yowza!

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