Everything that could go Wrong went Wrong, and now it’s all Better

Without going into too much detail, imagine everything you have to do at an airport ticket counter and security, and then imagine it all going wrong. That was my day yesterday. I’ll leave it at that. Let’s just say that my mom and I are in Atlanta until tomorrow because of snow, that still has yet to appear. Our flight was canceled but we could have flown out.

I would like to say that I handled the situation at the ticket counter with grace and patience, but I did not. I was worried, I had anxiety and fear, and minimal amounts of faith. Part of writing this blog is to record our low points. I had one, and lesson learned. Why after all these years of going through this missionary stuff do I still lack faith? By the time God is teaching me all the lessons I need to learn I should have enough faith to move mountains! Thank you Lord for not giving up on me even though I fail.

Come to find out, God knows best ;-). Of course He does. I left Arizona exhausted from all of the packing and planning. Had I left for Belize today I would have been a rag of a person. Today, God is allowing me to rejuvenate and rest. Not only me but my mom and Evangeline as well. Before getting on the plane, my mom shoveled snow for three hours then drove another three hours to VA so she could get to me in Atlanta. Evangeline did not get her second nap and had a rough nights sleep, so today she is cranky and exhausted (napping now). THANK YOU LORD, FOR YOU KNOW BETTER THAN I AND FORGIVE ME FOR MY ATTITUDE!

So tomorrow, it’s off to Belize. Please continue to pray.

7 thoughts on “Everything that could go Wrong went Wrong, and now it’s all Better

  1. angel

    hunny we all have our moments, and ur human, and ur doing the best u can, and Gods with u all the time, and he will help u as long as u allow it…stay safe…big hugs to u, Miss E,and ur momma!

  2. Mom

    Mel, I think every believer can relate and echo your frustration and then humble submission as the Lord patiently keeps teaching us the same lessons over and over again. I was frustrated this morning when I could not access your website or get in touch with John to find out what was happening. But our Father continued to care for you all provide for your needs, and I am thankful for His loving care and PRAISE HIM for His mercy and faithfulness.

  3. Donna Chapman

    Mel, I am 66 years old and I had a crisis of faith today over somethings I should and do know better.

    I love you for your honesty….please keep it real here on the blog.

    God was reminding me this am: Man proposes and God disposes.

    Love you Girl!

  4. Jodi Strava

    We fail because we are human, God forgives because he loves. Satan is working overtime on your family so we, your prayer supporters, have to work overtime on lifting you in prayer. I’m stepping up my prayers for your family beginning now.

    Father, protect, comfort and strenghten the entire Bjorgen family as they travel to Belize to serve your people. Open their pathways, light their way, take them on a joyfilled journey to their destination. Though miles seperate them, draw their hearts and minds closer to one another and to you. May your will be done in their lives. Amen
    Peace to you, my sister in Christ.

  5. Mary Sue

    My grace is sufficient for you!

  6. Ma

    Mel-Sweetie, You are just as human as the next person, and Praise God for that. As Rick Warren has said, “This is the warm-up act – the dress rehearsal. God wants us to practice on earth what we will do forever in eternity.The goal is to grow in character, in Christ likeness.” I totally agree, we are just practicing here on earth, and every challenge we encounter is one step closer to being Christ Like as we learn our lessons.

    I truly think Satan isn’t happy with your committment to serving God. Today I’ve even been under attack, I have fallen twice and landed on my bad foot and ankle I even had to go into see the Dr. this morning, then the evening it happened again. Now I’m back on pain meds. I was pretty much off of them. So obviously Satan is going to take this out on us as we continue to move forward in serving the Lord and further God’s kingdom! Praise be to God, I always feel these are the times that God gets more and more praise because we are continuing to move forward in Christ! Move on and keep looking up! Love you and miss you already! Ma

  7. Leah Miller

    oh man, what a nightmare! Glad to hear you all are safe and able to relax.

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