Evan’s Day

Yesterday went fairly well. Not too thrilled about the dentist trip but it had to get done. We found out that to take four bags on the plane with me to Belize, it would cost $575, so we are moving to plan B (shipping stuff to my mom and putting items on the trailer). I just would like to say that I do not think what the airlines are doing with luggage fees is right, that’s all I have to say on that. We are running out of room, and fast!

One HUGE blessing from yesterday was that I found a 4 star hotel on priceline, for my layover on the 11th, for a very small amount. I thought that I would just take a chance and name my own price. I put in a ridiculously low number for a four star hotel and they accepted. Not only that, but it’ my favorite hotel, The Westin. They have what they call “Heavenly Beds”, it’s like sleeping on a cloud. So my last night in the USA will be spent on a wonderful bed. THANK YOU GOD FOR THAT BLESSING.

Evan is one of my housemates, but she is not just a housemate, she is my friend and mentor. I love her dearly. Today, we are spending the day together. I have to get some items for Belize and she is going to come along. We’ll also are doing lunch and a movie. Wow, “doing lunch and movie” will be a thing of the past soon. Life is going to change drastically. I pray that we can adjust well.

2 thoughts on “Evan’s Day

  1. Mom

    Praising God with you for the blessing of the hotel—-“you have not because you ask not. Ask and you shall receive….”

    By coincidence I was just thinking this morning about your and John’s close relationship with the Murnhigans and how difficult this separation could be and was praying for God’s grace. How wonderful that you and Evan could spend the day together and have sweet memories to take with you.

  2. Ma

    Mel, Pa and I do date night and go to the movies in Belize City, you and John will have to do that as well. I’m going to miss you, glad we had our time together tonight with dinner and “another” movie! Great movie choice, I am already missing you and wishing I was going to be there as originally planned to help you with your adjustment! Love, Ma

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