Evangeline’s Birth Story… Finally!

This is the first chance I’ve had in days to even glance at a computer. I’m not complaining at all. My eyes have been so distracted by out beautiful baby girl. I wish all of you could see her in person. She is incredible. Here are the events that lead up to her birth:

John and I checked into the hospital Thursday morning, Jan. 15th at 7:30 am. We settled in to a room in the maternity ward. This was the fourth time in the maternity ward and I was assured that we would not leave the hospital without a baby in my arms. The nurse checked me and I was still 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced. The doctor order a medication called cervadil, another cervix softener. After 12 hours, I was STILL at 2 cm. The doctor them decided to give me a very tiny pill, still a cervix softener but double the strength. After about an hour, I started to feel contractions.

As they got harder and closer together, I got excited, “This is it I thought.” I shifted my weight to look at the monitor and as I did, I noticed the sound of the baby’s heartbeat start to decelerate. I dropped from around 140bpm to 70, then 60. I quickly rang the call button and said to the nurse, “I think my baby’s heart rate is dropping.” No sooner had I said it than the door burst open and the lights turned on and three nurses came in. They quickly began to move me around in an attempt to get the heart rate back up to normal. They’re saying scary things like, “call the doctor and tell her to get down here immediately.” Finally after about 5-6 minutes of trying different positions, they got me on my hands and knees. Soon, the heart rate began to accelerate and quickly got back up to normal. I was trying to be strong and I didn’t even cry, because I was trying to stay in the moment and not freak out.

After a couple of minutes, they had me lay back on my side, and everything seemed to be back to normal, so I went back to laboring with contractions every 2 to 4 minutes. We did that for a while, and then the heart rate began to decelerate again. The nurses responded even faster this time, and the doctor also came in. After they found a position to stabilize the baby, the doctor decided to break my water to see if alleviating the pressure a bit would help keep the baby happy.

It seemed to work for a couple hours. Then, yet another decel. This time, they decided that they wanted to attach an electrode to the baby’s head so that they could get a more accurate heart rate. Unfortunately, they did it in the middle of the deceleration, while I was having a contraction. Man did that hurt!…I was crying it hurt so bad. Soon, they got the heart rate back up again. By this time, I was 4cm dilated and about 80% effaced. They suggested I think about going ahead and getting the epidural, just in case they had to do a c-section, so I could stay awake and not have to do general anesthesia. I told them that I would hold off for a little while longer, because the pain was still tolerable and I was scared that if I got the epidural, it would slow down my progress.

By the time I had the fourth decel, I told them, “Ok…hit me with the epidural.” As much as I wanted to have a vaginal delivery, I wanted the baby to be safe even more. After that, it didn’t matter how much pitocin they were giving me, my body just refused to cooperate. I stayed at 4cm and 80% for the next 6 hours. The doctor finally came in and asked if I thought it was time to throw in the towel and do a c-section. I asked if I had any other options. She said I could wait one more half-hour and see if I progressed. I discussed it with my husband and decided to try for a little longer. They increased my pitosin dose and I tried to work it as much as possible with an epidural in. She actually waited about 50 minutes and came back in and said, “Still 4cm and maybe 90%. I think it’s time.” So we said ok and proceed to prepare to head for the OR.

They wheeled me down into the OR and started to prep me for surgery. The whole thing was so fast….like 20 minutes from start to stop. I was so scared at the beginning and I was just looking at John, trying to get some kind of encouragement…anything. All of the sudden, I heard the doctor say, “wow, I thought I had her but she squirmed away.” After trying again for a minute, all of the sudden we heard a little cry, and me and John both broke into tears. They took her over to the table to clean her up, and then the nurse took some pictures of her with me and my husband. As they were sewing me up, the doctor said, “You made the right choice, I don’t think she ever would have come out vaginally.” She didn’t say why, but I certainly believe her.

Evangeline has brought and is bringing so much joy to our lives. Wow is this the hardest thing we have ever done, but the most rewarding. We praise God for a safe and healthy delivery and a very healthy baby. We are so in love.

5 thoughts on “Evangeline’s Birth Story… Finally!

  1. I’m glad that you’re all together and healthy. That’s really the bottom line. (Oh, and it took me three weeks to get our birth story up! I kept hearing from my wife that she was going to do it, so I kept putting it off…)

  2. Diane Velasco

    I’m sitting here finally getting on-line after so many days of not being able to, reading your blow-by-blow story, and teary-eyed. Wow. It’s amazing to me that I wrote what I wrote in our IM Dept. baby congrats card (which I hope you already have in hand), without knowing these details. Oh, man! I’m thankful to the Lord He kept you strong, you did well and had good medical personnel caring for you. She is SO BEAUTIFUL (but of course, duh, with her genes) and I can’t wait to meet her in person someday.

  3. Mom

    God has been very gracious; we are so blessed. I’m very thankful that I could be there for our precious granddaughter’s birth. True to his gifts and character, John was at your side during those 4 1/2 days. I pray that your marriage will continue to exemplify Christ’s faithful and loving relationship to His bride both here and in Belize where it is virtually unknown.

  4. Eileen Berglund

    I was wondering how you guys were doing! She is very cute! We send our congratulations to the little missionary! And she came in such “missionary style”- if youc an’t find one way find another! haha. Gla dyoua re all safe and healthy!

  5. Caroline

    Your birth story sounds very familiar—I had the same difficulties when I gave birth to Matthew. We always thank God for modern medicine! The important thing is that your sweet baby girl is here and you are both healthy. I hope you have a swift and easy recovery!

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