Embarassed by Culture

All of our training said this day would come. The day of days, the day when as a missionary I would inevitably make a big culture mistake and I would be embarrassed by it. I have made tiny mistakes here and there but nothing to be too embarrassed about. In fact, last week I was thinking, “I have not made a huge culture mistake yet, I’m doing good. I hope I NEVER make one.” Hmmmmm….

I think it’s enough for you to know that I messed up and I have been messing up. I had no idea. This is a difficult situation because it’s personality related. In order to fix the problem I have to change some elements of my personality. My personality has flaws. Are you shocked? If you know me, then you are not shocked in the least. It is very important to me that I make these changes because, 1) I want John to be respected 2) I think I can bridge the gap and possibly reach more people this way.

Oh, but **GROAN** how embarrassed I was today! If I had a shell I would have tucked inside for hours! How humbling this lifestyle is! The minute you think you have something down, you really don’t. This may be my first big culture mistake, but it will not be my last. The only thing I can do is fix what I can now and wait until I mess up again. Thank goodness I have a loving husband to give me a hug and say “It’s ok, this will pass.” Thank goodness I have a Heavenly Father whose mercies abound and who might be up in heaven right now having a little chuckle at my mistake and saying “Oh, Mel.” And one day I will chuckle about this too, but not today 🙂

11 thoughts on “Embarassed by Culture

  1. Dave

    So what was the mistake?

  2. Sydnie

    Don’t leave me hanging. What happened?

  3. Evan

    So many tight ropes you have to walk as a missionary. Thank you for your “candid-ness” and sharing of your adventures and “mis”adventures. We love to share in the highs and lows and helps us to pray more specifically. XOXO

  4. John & Mel.
    We love you so much for going where we cannot go. God will ease the path you take and mends all these things in His TIME.
    God Bless. and the New Year is coming..
    wish we could come down….

    Betty Bradley Reply:

    John & Mel,
    We love you so muich for going where we cannot go. God will ease
    the path you take and mend all these things in His Time.
    God Bless, and the New year coming.
    Wish we could come down…

  5. Valerie Wilson

    Isn’t life one big learning curve?! Perhaps your “personality” issue has something to do with being an American?? American women are quite different from many cultures and maybe not understood in some countries. That’s not your fault. Now you have to tell us what the mistake was, my curiosity is piqued!

  6. Donna Chapman

    I don’t need to know what it was; I can read between the lines and respect your wish to keep it private.

    Honey, I would have blundered so many times by now I would probably have been recalled by the Mission Board or at least given a verbal spanking.

    Like you, I am glad our God does not rejoice in our mistakes but covers them with His son’s blood and a blanket of grace. Keep reminding yourself of those facts when the enemy tries to keep pricking you with his thorn. Love you lots, respect you even more, DC Girl 🙂

  7. John

    Yeah, seriously, WHAT HAPPENED!?

  8. Deborah Guest

    Congrats! You are now a full-blown missionary!!
    Don’t be embarassed, learn from it and continue in the grace God gives. Love you!!

  9. Mom

    Missionary or not, we all need to be growing in Christlikeness. Our heavenly father is gracious to show us how we need to change so that we can better glorify Him. That’s the brighter side! 🙂

  10. Scott McGee

    I make social mistakes here in our own country all the time…so be kind to yourself. Your doing pretty well if this is your first misstep.

    Now you know…I know you will adjust.

    God Bless you both. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

    Stay Golden.

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