Day 1 at the MAC

What a blessing today was! We had a wonderful day getting to know other future missionaries. Today John and I gave our testimony and listened to others testimony. Thank you for praying our testimony went very well. What a blessing it was to hear the testimonies of others! What a blessing to fellowship with other missionaries! We all share a common bond: We all want to do foriegn missions and have devoted our lives to it. I can’t express fully in words what it means for us to be surrounded by these wonderful people. Please continue to pray for us. We have a very long day tomorrow of meetings and interviews. We’ll let you know how it goes. Love you all.

3 thoughts on “Day 1 at the MAC

  1. Kristin

    I’m glad that your testimonies went well and that you can meet all these wonderful people who have a passion for God. We’ll keep praying for you both.

  2. Mom

    Truly, there is nothing quite like fellowship with other believers who are yielded to God. We are thankful that God has healed you of your pain. But as you reminded us in a previous post, “The trials of today are the training for tomorrow.” We glory in His wisdom, mercy, and grace. Praying for you; keep us posted!

  3. Ma

    Well, well isn’t it exciting to know you are not alone! I’m so very proud of both of you for following God’s voice and seeing what He can do for you when you are faithful to Him! Mel and John keep looking up, for their is your future! The people you have met are going thru the same struggles you have, because you have been set apart to do the Lord’s work.

    Tell Curt, Basil and I send our love, and remind him that he had better take good care of you and get you thru it all with flying colors, so you can get on the field as soon as possible!! Matt. 5: 13-16

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